Best Curling Wands you should try in 2021

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Here’s the list of our Best Curling Wands in 2021. There is no big difference between a curling iron and a curling wand. You may say they are cousins, Curling wand is a tool to make curls without effort and is the easiest to use. The curling wand gives a wavy beachy fresh curls look while the curling iron gives the traditional curls so we can say that curls with the curling iron are more defined rather than the curls with that curling wand. Curls with curling iron are more fuller like victoria’s secret bombshell while curls with the curling wand are more like California cool beachy waves.

So if you’re looking for  “I woke up like this look” or something like “Natural Waves” you should probably go for a curling wand. But this the question arises how to choose the right curling wand for your hair? Which shape to choose? Which size to choose?

curling wands

Sizes of Curling Wands:

  • 0.3 – 0.75 inch curling wand ( For Spirally curl look)
  • 0.5-inch curling wand (Medium Spirally curl look)
  • 0.75 – 1.25 inch curling wand. (For Messy wave look)
  • 1-inch curling wand. (Relaxed Waves look)
  • 1 1/2 inch curling wand. (For more voluminous look)
  • Fancy curling wand.

Do Brushing your hair necessary?

No, it’s not necessary. Brushing your curls will loosen them up so much. Still, if you want to loosen your curls up try finger combing but If you want that Beachy Glam – Don’t Brush Your Curls Out. If you are using traditional iron with clamps you can brush to loosen up the curl.

Which kind of Curling Wand do You want?

If you are looking to buy a curling wand, you may look for the right Barrel, Temperature, and one which does not hurt your hair. so what kind of curling wand is good for your hair:


Mostly there is no clamp in a curling wand to give a more natural wave or curl. With a clamp, you will get a more Hollywood glam curl but if you want natural wavy curls, Go for a barrel with no clamp. Also, some barrels are smoothly thick (same size from top to end) and some are tapered. The tapered one gives you a nice loose curl effect on your hair while the smoothly thick barrels give you a cute spiral effect.

curling wand


The best You can adjust heat temperature according to your need on most of the curling wands. Modern curling wands heat up in seconds so it is so easy to use the modern curling wand to save time. If you got thin hair, set your curling iron heating temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and if you get thick hair set your curling iron heat between 200-300 Fahrenheit. Keeping your curling wand notably hot will result in hair burn.

Damage Control:

A modern curling wand with a sensor to measure the temperature to avoid overheating. Also, some of the curling wands are made with a kind of material that releases the negatively charged ions to seal in your hair cuticles and minimize damage.

Best Overall: ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand:

curling wands

This has a tapered barrel so you can make tight curls or either loose curls both from one curling iron depending upon the look you want. It does minimal hair damage. It doesn’t matter either your hair is long or short, this barrel will probably go to the extra length of your hair and results in amazing curls. It takes around 20-30 seconds to heat up so it is so easy to use daily to style your hair with this modern curling wand to save time. It also has a sensor to detect heat.

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Bed Head Curlipops 1” Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron:

curling wand

It comes with gloves to protect your hand from the heat if the barrel gets too much hot, it will probably burn your hand and har both, so this curling wand comes with gloves to protect your hand, and it’s made with ceramic technology that does the minimal damage to hair. Also, this product is budget-friendly that probably costs you around  $25.89 to $29.99. The best part of this barrel is the cool tip and gloves.

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Dyson Airwrap Styler:

curling wand

It may feel like it’s the most expensive curling wand but it will save you the most time. It curves the air like a tornado and wraps the hair around the barrel which means it is not hurting your hair with heat because you are styling with the air. Damn, who doesn’t want to style your hair in this way that your hair doesn’t get damaged even 1% because there is zero extreme heat. It is not cheap rather it is very expensive but it is so worth it if you are ready to invest in your Beauty,

This curling wand comes in 6 different shapes and sizes. As air also dries your hair thus you can style them while your hair is wet like towel dried  It is going to save so much of your time especially in the mornings or for a daily go-routine. How cool is it that you are not touching your hair and yet styling it? This Curling wand will do wonders for you. It also has the temperature detector which detects the temperature of heat every after 40 seconds to avoid damage.

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Bio Ionic Eternity Wand:

curling wand

This curling wand is best for damaged hair. First apply heat protectant before using any hearing tool directly on your hair and then start styling. If you are using Bio Ionic Eternity Wand, It is the best for your hair because it provides moisturizing heat to minimize the damage to your hair. The natural volcanic rock infused in the curling wand in a way that it locks in moisture and seals the hair cuticle for healthy, long-lasting shine.

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Paul Mitchell Neuro Angle Rod Curling Iron:

curling wand

It is designed in a way to curl your own hair very easily. It’s hard to curl your own hair when it comes to perfection, no matter what the DIY videos are telling you on social media. If you are a beginner or if you want to curl perfectly, try to use this barrel. It has all new unique technology that folds into the desired positions and makes it easy to curl even at the back of your head. Also, it contains a nine-foot cord and an automatic shut-off function.

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Remington Pro 1-1.5-Inch Pearl Ceramic Conical Curling Wand:

curling wand

This curling wand is super affordable around $29.99. Some of the best features that you will get with this are Ceramic for Less Damage and Faster Salon Results, consistent heat,1-1.5 inch barrel, Gives smooth wavy curls, and heat around 410°F High Heating temperature. You can adjust the temperature as you like or as your hair like. If you got thin fine hair, try to set it on a lesser temperature than 410°F but if you got thick hair, then you can appreciate the heat up to 410°F.

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Lunata Beauty Cordless Convertible Curling Iron/Wand:

curling wands

This curling wand is the world’s first cordless, convertible, curling iron/wand. This cordless, full-sized curling iron is so cute. You charge it and then use it. It has 40  minutes of battery life if you use it at high temperature but if you set it on medium or low temperature, it will work longer than 40 minutes. The clamp attached to this curling wand is removable so you can either use it as curling iron as well as a curling wand. some of the features are mentioned as:

  • Removable clamp to turn your wand into traditional iron.
  • Clipless Wand for beachy wavy curls.
  • Titanium barrel for heat distribution.
  • Heating temperature 200℉-450℉
  • A removable battery (so you Harry a spare battery in case you don’t have electricity to charge the curling wand again).

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The Beachwaver Co. S1 Dual Voltage Curling Iron:

You can adjust the temperature on this curling wand from 290 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It got a medium-sized barrel which is for every hair type. It has an Auto-Rotation button at the end. It got dual voltage so you can use it abroad. Some of the features for ease in understanding are mentioned:

  • Adjust between °F and °C.
  • 1″ barrel diameter.
  • 5.5″ protective ceramic rod.
  • The ceramic barrel adjusts the heat.
  • Customizable smaller clamp.
  • Dual rotation with button controls.
  • Adjustable heating temperature.
  • 8′ long cord.
  • Heat range: 290ºF (143ºC) – 410ºF (210ºC).
  • Heat up in 30 seconds.
  • Safety stand.
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • 30 min automatic shut-off.

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T3 Micro Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand:

T3 means twirl trio includes Voluminous, Polished, and Defined Curls. The base of the curling wand comes with an interchangeable barrel. Use the Thickest curling wand 1 ½” to create voluminous waves, the Medium 1 ¼” tapered one for loose curls, or the smallest 1” straight barrel for defined spirals. There’s no need to buy separate curling tools to achieve all the looks you want, Just switch the wand for the desired look.

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Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron:

curling wands

It works as a traditional curling iron as well as a modern curling wand. It will give you the best wavy look that you desire. You can adjust the temperature and it heats up in less than 50 seconds.

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xtava The Twirl Conical Curling Wand:

The size of this curling wand is perfect for defining and shaping your curls or spirals. An extra hot tool for styling that will give you your desired look.

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Rsession Nalu Waver:

If you are experienced enough in using hot hair styling tools then this curling wand is for you. If you are not experienced enough, trust us this tool is not for you. It takes some time to get used to it but when you start using it on regular basis, it will save so lot of your time and energy.

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How do you use curling wands?

A little different from the curling iron. A curling wand doesn’t have a clamp on it. Take a strand of your hair and wrap it around the curling wand.

How do you curl short hair with curling wands?

If you got layers, it will give you such beautiful voluminous wavy curls. Section your hair and clip them, Then start from the most bottom part of your hair. Take each small section of hair and place the curling wand on the root pointing downwards. and wrap that strand of hair around the barrel. Hold the strand there for 5 to 8 seconds and then release it open. Curl all the hair from the bottom to the crown part of your head.

How long do you keep the hair on curling wands?

It actually depends on some factors.

The temperature of the wand:

  • Lower temperatures –  slow down the time it takes to heat through your hair
  • High Temperature – your hair is done very quickly and takes fewer seconds than regular.

Length of hair:

  • If you have medium-length hair – 8 seconds are enough for soft waves & 10-15 seconds for slightly tight curls.
  • If you have short hair – 8 seconds are enough for the curls however if the strand of air is thick add extra 5 seconds to it.

Section of hair:

  • Regular section – your hair is done very quickly and takes almost 5 to 8 seconds.
  • Thick sections – slow down the time it takes to heat through your hair because of the strand thickness.

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