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Piercing got so many types and so many styling options, It may not be the same as a permanent tattoo, Not as visible as a tattoo but still, you have to take care of each kind of piercing. Every type of piercing has a different healing time and pain threshold but no doubt it looks so sassy. Knowing everything about piercing will help you decide how, When, and where to get a body piercing in your body. We will be discussing all the areas of the body where you can get body piercing.

Investing in yourself is always worth it, But investing in yourself knowing it may give you ‘infection if it is not properly taken care of’ needs a potential. well, the important part of getting body piercing is that you find a proper, Professional, Experienced Piercer who works at a hygienic and well-known studio. Body art is something you are going to enjoy for many years, but for that enjoying part to come you always have to take proper aftercare of the piercing. Cleanliness is the key to not getting an infection by a piercing.

All the information stated in this article is stated by a professional skilled body piercer, we turned to an experienced person to get the finest piece of information that helps us. Read it yourself, it will help you decide how, When, and where to get a body piercing in your body.

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Ear Piercing:

Ear Piercing is one of the traditional piercings all over the world. Earrings are so popular and opinionated jewelry piece that gives definition to the fashion or a trend. Sometimes you get a common simple ear piercing on the lobe that gets the almost very minimal time period to get healed because the lobe area of the ear, there’s no bone.  Some people get cartilage piercing which takes more time to heal than a lobe area.

Different piercing on cartilage gets different healing times, Let us take a look at all possible options for an ear piercing :

  1. Daith piercing.
  2. Forward Helix piercing.
  3. Industrial piercing.
  4. Helix piercing.
  5. Conch piercing.
  6. Snug piercing.
  7. Orbital piercing.
  8. Anti-Tragus piercing.
  9. Transverse Lobe piercing.
  10. Lobe piercing.
  11. Tragus piercing.
  12. Rook piercing.
Body Piercing
Ear Piercing
  •  Lobe  And Transverse Lobe ear piercing takes less time to get healed. It is on the edge of your ear.
  • Helix or Forward Helix piercing lies over the edge of your C-shaped area of the ear.
  • Conch Piercing is one of the most possible infectious areas, thus you need to take so much care of this piercing.
  • Daith Piercing is the most inner or uppermost C-shaped area of the ear. It also requires good aftercare.
  • Rook Ear Piercing is one of the most possible infectious areas, thus you need to take so much care of this piercing.
  • Tragus or Anti-Tragus Piercing outside the ear cartilage as shown in the below picture.
  • Industrial Piercing A two-hole piercing, as shown in the above picture, please take a look at the picture for a clear picture. The jewelry used in industrial piercing includes a long-spanning stick kind of bar.
  • Snug Ear Piercing is one of the most possible infectious areas, thus you need to take so much care of this piercing.
Ear Piercing

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Facial Piercing :

Any piercing either its facial piercing or body piercing, the pain normally depends on the pain threshold level of every individual and general aftercare of the piercing as well. Also, every piercing got a different level of pain and healing time. Each piercing can hurt up to some weeks but after a few weeks or months, it will start to heal.

  1. Nose Piercing, If it is around the edge of the nose, we call it Erl or Bridge nose piercing. If it is on the center of the nose, then it is called septum piercing. If the piercing is on the soft side of the nostril, we call it Nostril Piercing.
  2.  Dimple or Cheek piercing takes place from inside the mouth to the outer area of the cheek or Dimple.
  3. Monore Piercing is on the upper area of your lip
  4. Labrets and Lowbrets is the center of the lower lip piercing, this piercing takes place from inside the mouth area.
  5. Snakebite piercing takes place on the lower lip symmetrically looking like a snake bite.
  6. Eyebrow piercing is on the outer side of the eyebrow.
  7. Medusa or Philtrum piercing is in the middle of your lips and nose. This piercing takes place by doing it from the inside of the mouth.

Body Piercing

Oral Piercings:

As the name indicated Oral piercing is related to the Mouth specifically. If you are thinking to get any kind of oral piercing, let me tell you that “all oral piercings are not comfortable, and sometimes result in severe pain”.

Infection risk levels are high, to be honest. Thus be mindful about making the decision to go for any oral piercing. As any person can not skip normal hygiene of oral parts like brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing the mouth.

For cleaning purposes of oral Piercing, use saline water after eating any meal, smoking, or drinking to stay safe from any bacterial infections. Oral piercing can be painful because the tongue has so many nerve endings, so many tissues connecting under the tongue, under the lip, and upper lip. Make sure you are going to visit a professional, experienced and skilled Piercer for this type of piercing.

Body piercing

Body/Surface Piercing:

When it comes to body piercing, a lot of tools are used. There are some risks associated with body piercing if it is not done by any professional properly that may result in pain, bleeding, swelling, infection, etc. Normally it takes a longer time to heal body piercing.

Usually, body piercing pain is high in the nippulear or genital areas, when it comes to the belly button, it is not as pain full as the nipple or genital area piercing is.

Belly Button Piercing, Nipple piercing, Nape Piercing, Sternum/Cleavage Piercing, Vampire bite piercing, Madison piercing, Dermal Anchor/Micro dermal implants, Corset piercings are the types or the option for body piercings.

body piercing

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Dermal Anchors/Micro-Dermal Implants:

Dermal Anchor or micro dermal implants are when a piercer hole punches anywhere in the body and sticks a stud or ring inside that hole. It bleeds more but is not as painful other than the nipple or genital area. Using numbing agent would be an unnecessary expense.

A sticking-out implant can take place anywhere in the body as shown in the picture below.

Body piercing

How To Choose Your Piercer :

You should ask some questions to your piercer before letting him/her pierce you. No worries you are not interviewing that piercer, just in order to get to know how knowledgeable that piercer is. Visit several studios before deciding which studio is going to pierce for you. Check the portfolio, read online reviews of the studios, ask them different questions, Talk to your friends about their piercing studio and visit them as well.
Ask your piercer from whom they learn the art to pierce, How many years of experience do they have, Where they have pierced at on the most of their clients, Do they give a verbal consultation to the customer before piercing? Do they provide aftercare instructions after piercing? What kind of jewelry are they going to use? Do they have any sort of certifications?
Obeautify Fast Facts/ Tips: You can also see if board-certified dermatologist around you performs piercings (which most of them do) because that can be a very clean, safe, and professional option for everyone
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Body Piercing Aftercare :

Always make sure that your hands are clean when doing aftercare of body piercing. Only use saline water for cleaning the pierced area or saltwater. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or alcohol around the pierced area to avoid infections. Tie up your hair, if it is touching your pierced area. Avoid sleeping on the pierced area till the piercing gets healed completely. Clean the pierced area twice a day with help of saline water onto the ear-cotton-bud and move the cotton bud back and forth gently. Never forget to ask about aftercare from your piercer.

That’s all! if you want to ask anything about the body piercing, its aftercare, when to see a doctor, or anything not mentioned in the article or whether it was confusing, comment down below freely. We’re going to respond as quickly as we can!

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