Cool Girl Ear Piercings 2022 You’ll Want to Get Immediately!

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Beautifully made earpieces are these days a thing. Everyone wants to get those ear-piercing and enhance their beauty by putting beautiful earrings in them.

It looks cute, cool, and beautiful at the same time.

We are sharing cool girl ear-piercing that is in fashion in 2022. You will fall in love with the piercing styles that are trending in 2022.

Ear Piercings

Piercing anywhere in your body looks so hot, most people pierce the belly button, eyebrows, ears, nose, and even lips and cheeks.

The oldest mummy recovered in Egypt also has piercings.

It was discovered in 2020, anyhow it means the ancient Egyptians loved piercings, and today in the new era piercing again plays an important part in fashion.

Fashion revolves round and round in time. Many of the old trends are coming back to trend again.

The mummy with the piercing evidence was almost 12000 years before.

Does that mean that fashion is crossing its way again from the path that was crossed 12000 years before? probably yes.

Scroll to find out the best ear piercing that from simple lobe ear piercing to tragus.

There are so many styles and so many beautiful ear jewels that will enhance your beauty.

There is no doubt that God has created all human beings and living things perfectly beautiful in a way but we can enhance that God gifted beauty with different styles, different haircuts, different piercings, jewelry, clothing, nail art, and much more.

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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

General Tips for Care & Aftercare:

Before getting the ear-piercing make sure that you can follow the aftercare steps. You will probably be thinking that once I get the piercing I will take care of it but that’s not that easy. It might get infected without proper care.

 Body Piercing Aftercare Click to Learn.

The important thing to take care of is cleanliness. Ear piercing needs to be taken care of and to be cleaned twice a day with saline water. If saline water is not available then wash it with water. Use a cotton bud to clean the pierced area either with water or either with saline water. Saline water can also be made at home by mixing water and salt, that’s it! These two ingredients works miracle.

Another thing to be kept in mind is to not sleep on the pierced area/part before it is completely healed. Normally it takes a minimum of1-2 weeks to be healed properly and a maximum of 5-6 weeks if it is not affected by any infection, irritation, or bacteria.

Avoid any use of alcohol, or chemicals around the pierced part. Most makeup products contain chemicals thus avoid putting serums, oils, and makeup on the pierced area.

Types of Ear Piercing:

The simple & most common ear piercing is the Lobe piercing. This ear piercing takes place in the softest part of the squishy area of the ear. Other than Lobe piercing, here are the other types of ear piercing explained briefly. For more pictures of ear piercings for the idea you may scroll down below:

The Tragus Ear Piercing:

ear piercing
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The Tragus is the pointy part at the front outside of the ear. With this ear piercing, you need to sleep on your back because the piercing will touch the pillow if you sleep on the side, and there’s a possibility that it might be painful the next morning.

The healing time of this ear piercing is around 12 to 18 months.

Pain Level: 5/10

The Conch Ear Piercing:

ear piercing
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The Conch is a cartilage piercing. Hold your ear with two fingers (one at the back and another inside), that’s the area that gets pierced. It goes to the back of your ear.

The complete healing time of The conch piercing is around  6 -12 months

The Helix Ear piercing:

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Helix piercings are the piercing that exists on the outer side, the upper outer U-shaped (another way around) area.

The healing time of this ear piercing is 6 to 12 months.

Pain Level: 4/10

Flat Ear Piercing:

 The Flat ear piercing is named flat because it is placed on the flat part of the ear on the upper side of the cartilage.

The healing time of this ear piercing is 6 to 12 months.

Rook Ear Piercing:

Rook piercings are between the inner cartilage and outer cartilage, it is placed near the daith and the tragus.

The healing time of this ear piercing is 6-12 months.

Pain levels: 7/10


The Daith Ear Piercing:

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The Daith cartilage ear piercing is the inner fold of the ear nearest to the tragus ear piercing.

The healing time of the daith ear piercing is 6-12 months.

Pain level: 5/10


Slight pressure is felt on this type of piercing because of where it is located. Some medical studies also say that this ear piercing relieves the pain of migraine by sending a message to the brain.

When you get this piercing, make sure to not sleep on this side for some months. Then it is common to sleep onto this ear piercing after this month.

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Cool Girl Ear Piercings

Helix Ear Piercing:

This ear piercing is very common for people to get after the lobe piercing. If you are the one with only lobe ear piercing, then probably this will be the first choice of yours to get.

The tragus ear piercing:

The rare one is this ear piercing because this is the new time for using earbuds everywhere and no one wants to leave the usage of earbuds. Thus very less people go for tragus ear piercing.

Cool Girl Ear Piercings
Cool Girl Ear Piercings

Ear Piercing

Industrial piercing:

It is a kind of ear piercing that meets two sides of the ear. It connects with two sides which means that it is a long ear jewel that stays there for a longer time. If you are someone who can manage the kind of weight and maintenance then you can go for it.

Never ever sleep on the side of the industrial ear piercing. It will result in severe pain, irritability, or infection as well.


A simple lobe ear-piercing but slightly above lobe piercing is called a high or upper lobe area. The healing time is very quick just like lobe ear piercing.

Ear Piercing
Cool Girl Ear Piercings


Cool Girl Ear Piercings
Cool Girl Ear Piercings

Lobe ear piercing:

A very simple and common ear piercing. This piercing is very common that even mothers get this ear piercing baby girls at a small age.

Ear Piercing

Cool Girl Ear Piercings

Rook ear Piercing:

The rook ear piercing is the one nearest to the tragus and the daith ear piercing is.  It causes sharp pain at the time of piercing but gets better day by day. It can hurt more than the tragus piercing.

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

The conch ear piercing: 

The conch ear piercing has two types, the inner conch, and the outer conch. It depends on the side of the conch you are getting pierced. If it is the outer side then it is called outer conch ear piercing. If you get it on the inner side then it’s an inner conch.

Cool Girl Ear Piercings

Ear Piercing
Picture credit: Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

Cool Girl Ear Piercings


How should I clean an ear piercing?
You should clean your ear twice a day with saline water or regular water
When can I change my ear piercing?
After 2 months you can change your ear jewelry. If you change the ear piercing before healing properly then take extra care of that piercing.
How do I treat an infected ear piercing?
Consult with the doctor and start applying the doctor’s recommended ointments.

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