Eyelash Extensions : Benefits, Cost, Styles, Pros & Cons and More

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If you want to know what hype is about Eyelash extensions and whether are they worth your money then this is the right article to read on.

In this article, we are going to tell you the details about the benefits of getting eyelash extensions, the Pros, and Cons of Eyelash extensions, styles that you can choose from to get an eyelash extension, and much more.

Eyelash extensions are super transformative, it is nothing like invasive procedures like surgeries or botox or fillers. This is the easiest and simple way to enhance your beauty.

What are eyelash extensions?

It is a semi-permanent synthetic fiber shaped like an eyelash designed to extend the length and volume of your natural eyelash. They are applied by dipping them into a small quantity of glue and then attaching it to the base of your natural lash.

If you are thinking about why you need an eyelash extension then the simplest reason for getting an eyelash extension is that natural eyelash falls out a lot just as your natural hair falls, your natural eyelash also falls out.

If your eyelash extension falls out after a specific period of time then there is surely no pain that occurs if applied properly.

Eyelash Extensions

The Benefits :

  1. You can wear eyelash extensions anywhere, you can wake up in them, sleep in them, sweat while wearing them (by sweating I mean work out), take a bath, or travel anywhere.
  2. They won’t budge: They won’t make you uncomfortable while you are working out or in any way.
  3. It will help you to get ready quicker than usual.
  4. It can help you ditch your makeup. You won’t be needing much makeup after getting the lash extension done. Eyelash extension helps in enhancing your eyes in a way that you won’t be needing to care about eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyeliner, Mascara & lash curler.

Pros of wearing Eyelash Extensions:

  1. They help you look your best all the time. You don’t need to do eye makeup all the time. It is like wearing 24/7 eye makeup in a way. When you wake up in the morning looking already flawless without any makeup just because of the eyelash extensions, isn’t it the best feeling? As long as you are maintaining your eyelash extension, you’re going to feel beautiful and confident.
  2. They help you look Attractive anywhere you go, Either you are going swimming in the ocean, beach partying, sweating at the gym, traveling, working, in a Market, or anywhere. A common reason for a woman to get an eyelash extension is going on vacation. neither do only you look cute on flights or layovers but you don’t even need to remove your eye makeup because there’s none on your eye.
  3. The eyelash extension is sweatproof and waterproof.
  4. The eyelash extension can be completely customizable according to your own choices.
  5. This is a stress-free & Pain-free process to look perfectly gorgeous.
  6. You don’t need to wear eye makeup.
  7. It can work as an alternative to mascara as well.
  8. They lift up and brighten your eye.
  9. Save your time and helps you to get ready quickly.

Cons. of wearing Eyelash Extensions:

  1. Pre-mature Fall-out: You can not sleep on your face. It will Pre-maturely start falling out if you are the one who loves snuggling your face in the pillow or loves to sleep on your stomach. The results of doing this will be almost 5 lashes on your pillow when you wake up.
  2. Infections: The risk of irritation and infection is high if the process isn’t done properly.
  3. Medical risks: You can not rub your eyes while wearing eyelash extensions. Some people like to rub their eyes, Some people have allergies that occur the need to rub their eyes. The friction that is created by rubbing the eyes may cause them to fall out. So if you have any kind of allergy then it’s not a good idea for you to get them.
  4. Potential damage to natural lashes: As the extensions are glued at the base of your natural eyelash when the natural eyelash grows it can not lift up the weight of the eyelash extensions & it will cause breakage to your natural lashes. Either you go to the excellent artist and take good aftercare but the risk of potential damage to your natural eyelash is high.
  5. Washing the face: You can not rub your eyes while washing your face, work around the eyes but do not rub them.
  6. Maintenance: They require maintenance, you need to clean them and take care of them. Also, you need to get refills every 2-3 weeks.
  7. Amount of time to get eyelash extension done: The initial appointments can take 2-3 hours to get done and refills appointments can take 1-1.5 hours. If you’re someone who can’t spare this much time because you’re too busy with your schedule then it might a bad idea to get this treatment done.

Is the eyelash extension worth the money?

It can cost you around 100 to 350 dollars (Canadian) for a full set & around 50 to 180 dollars for a refill.

The cost may also depend on the city you are living in and the style that you are getting.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the eyelash extension is not a good idea if you keep rubbing your eyes or you keep sleeping on your face because it will prematurely come off.

But yes it is an ultimate good idea to wear eyelash extensions if you want to look your best all the time, every time, anywhere, everywhere.

If you want to be ready at a moment’s notice. Or you don’t want to wear mascara or you don’t like it because it keeps running on your face.

If you want to wear less eye makeup or If you want to save time getting ready. Most importantly feel beautiful and confident with them.

How do Lash Extensions work?

So the eyelash extensions artist will apply a synthetic fiber attaching it to the base of your natural lash. It does not touch your skin.

They use two tweezers to do the process. It won’t hurt during the process because the tweezers are not as sharp.

Your natural lashes are constantly growing, renewing, and shedding naturally with your growth cycle.

The life cycle of lash extensions is almost 2-3 months but with your natural eyelash doing its work the life of the extension become 2-3 weeks and it needs maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

Thus you will be going for a refill appointment for the maintenance.

What’s the Application Process Like?

Here’s what you can expect:


Before getting the eyelash extensions done, you need to evaluate some of the technicians around you and talk with them about your conditions, expectations, removal, and everything.

If you wear contact lenses then preferably remove them while doing the process.

Choose the technician who seems the suitably best for you

Decide on extension length and curl strength:

When you go to the chosen lash artist or technician, decide the style you want to have, the length you want, and the strength you want to have.

The artist will apply the lash extensions based on your desired and decided look.

Most of the time the technician recommends long lashes on the outer sides of the eye and small lashes in the mid of the eye.

Cleansing the eye area:

The natural lashes should be cleaned properly before starting the process thus the artist will ask you to lie down for the cleansing of the eye.

The cleansing is done to remove the makeup, Oils, germs, and bacteria from the part.

It is best to go without makeup for your eyelash extensions appointments.

Applying the tape and eye gels: 

The artist applies the eye gel to the upper and under-eye area to keep the lashes visible enough to work on.

There’s a whitish background and eye gel on the top, it is medically secured thus you do not need to worry about this step. Your eyes will be closed during the whole process.

Read more:


By using the tweezers the lash artist dips the end of the lash extension in the lash glue and Applies to the base of your lash.

For a normal look, one eyelash extension is applied to one natural eyelash base, but if the customer required a strengthful voluminous look then they apply multiple lashes to one natural eyelash base.

It is natural to feel uncomfortable while the process because you know that tweezers are being operated very close to your eyes but it surely is a pain-free process.


The glue dries as quickly as lightning, but the eyelash extension artist will make sure to sit for 10 minutes once all the extensions are applied to the eye of the customer.

During this step, the customer’s eye still is closed.

Removing the tape and gels:

Once the lash glue is completely dried out there comes the step to remove eye gels and tape.

It won’t hurt but if you feel uncomfortable let your eyelash artist know what you are feeling.

After the removal of eye gels and tape, the eyelash extension artist will brush your eyelashes with a tool and ask the customer to blink the eyes and then open them slowly.

Types of Eye Lash Extensions:

Typically there are these kinds of Eyelash extensions material: 

  • Mink
  • Silk
  • Synthetic.
  • Faux mink (rarely used)

Most of the salons use the type of eyelash extensions that they prefer to use regularly.

So if the customer has preferences, they ask it beforehand.

If you have any allergies or you prefer vegan then you may ask it the technician before getting them.

Also, the mink and silk lashes have a natural look but for the voluminous look, artists use synthetic lashes.

Will Your Natural Eyelashes Grow Back After Extensions? 

Eyelash extension damage your natural eyelash as they extension is glued on the base of your natural lashes and when your natural eyelashes grow up they are not able to lift up the weight of the Eyelash extension.

That result in breakage and damage.

The only thing that can prevent this type of damage is maintenance and proper care of eyelash extensions.

You need to get the refill appointment every 2-3 weeks so that it doesn’t cause much damage.

After the removal of the eyelash extension, it will take 3 months for the natural lash to get better naturally.

As the eyelashes are “hair” and once they are damaged. It for sure takes time to recover and grow naturally depending on the growth genetically.

How Long Do They Last? 

Some of the lashes will fall off with the natural eyelashes fall-out as the extensions are glued on the base of natural lashes.

Normally the eyelash extension lasts 2-3 months but it depends on the factors like rubbing your eyes, breakage of your natural lashes, sleeping on the face, and applying mascara or oil-based products.

Preparing For Your Appointment 

  • Arrive makeup-free: It is better to go for an appointment without makeup. The artist is already going to clean the eye before applying for the extensions but if you go with the makeup on then it will be hard for the technician to remove the makeup. It is better to go without makeup for your own ease and also for the technician’s ease.
  • Skip the coffee: Laying down in the salon for getting eyelash extensions done requires 2-3 hours. Thus it’s better to skip coffee for a day to control the jitters.
  • Come cozy: Be comfortable while going to the salon for a such long process. Wear a dress that won’t need adjustment and can be comfortable.
  • Go to the bathroom: Remember, Go to the bathroom before laying down for the process because then you can not get up before the process is done.
  • Come with photo inspiration: To let the technician know about your desired look would be easier for you to explain and the technician to understand.
  • Make a playlist: If you want to keep yourself busy while the appointment makes a playlist or choose a video or podcast to listen to while the eyelash extension process is being done.
  • Research your lash artist: Find the best technician for yourself in your city. Visit some of the technician talks about your priorities and select the one that suits you. Also, you can read reviews about them on websites or social media pages.
  • Know your allergies: If you have any eye allergies or if you feel that you may have an allergy then get it checked before getting the eyelash extensions done.

Aftercare Tips:

  • Avoid getting them wet the first 48 hours.
  • Don’t use cleansers with oil or any oil-based product because oil dissolves the glue.
  • Don’t stand under the showerhead for too long.
  • Sleep on your side or back. Do not sleep on your face.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your extensions more often.
  • Don’t use an eyelash curler.

Be your own lash boss:

If you think that you need an eyelash extension because of whatever reason you got then “Go for it” without thinking. All you need to make sure of are some simple points that include:

  1. Do you have any eye allergies? If yes, then ask your doctor.
  2. Work on finding a good aesthetician/Artist/Technician around you.
  3. Choose a style that you want to get.
  4. Choose the type of lashes you want to have.
  5. Spare yourself 2-3 hours a day.
  6. Can you do the maintenance? this is a very important point to think about.
  7. Aftercare is a must.
  8. Read the Pros of wearing the eyelash extension for motivation.

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