Fast Hair Growth: How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally!

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Growing hair faster is not like you are going to get rapunzel hair in weeks or months, It will probably take time to grow thus you need much patience. Secondly to grow hair faster you can start working on your best hair care routine. It is not like your hair will start to grow after using the hair care tips explained below but Growing hair faster got a process that will first repair your hair that is already damaged then Nourish your hair with the needing nutrients then makes your hair healthier and then it will grow faster. During all that process your hair won’t stop growing obviously, it will grow normally but after taking good care of your hair you will see excellent results in growing your hair faster than before.

How to Make your Hair Grow Faster:

To know all the natural ways to keep your hair strong and healthy, First, you need to know that there are different types of hair loss and whether your hair loss can be reversed or not depends on the type of hair loss that you are having. Lifestyle, Exposure to chemicals, Hormonal problems are the most common reasons for hair loss. Haircare is not easy with our busy schedules, Heavily polluted environment, and zero patience but once you start a hair care routine, Your hair will automatically start to get better and shows a visible result.

The best ways to reverse your hair loss naturally keeping in mind that the major causes of hair loss are:

  • Over treating your hair.
  • using harsh hair products.
  • Not getting enough nutrients in your diet.
  • stress.
  • Skin Infection.
  • Immune system deficiency.

The keys to stimulating your hair growth naturally are explained so well down below so go on to keep scrolling to know How to grow hair faster, how to prevent hair loss, and how to reverse your hair loss as well. Simple, easy, and natural ways to grow hair faster are:

How to Grow Hair Faster:

Balanced diet:

Your diet makes a huge difference in how fast your air grows. Eat plenty of proteins. There is an excess of junk food, excess of sugar, and processed foods high consumption these days. These foods affect your hair health dramatically. Maintaining a healthy diet is so necessary. Eat lots of fruits and veggies to maintain your hair health. Hair Vitamins can be obtained via Natural food Intake or via supplements. Keep in mind that there’s no better way to prevent hair loss than with a good diet supplemented with excellent vitamins.

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Consume Aloe-Vera:

Consume aloe-vera daily in the morning on an empty stomach. It does not only improves your hair health or prevents hair loss but also restores hormonal imbalance.

Do a Scalp Massage to Stimulate Growth:

Give yourself a scalp massage with dry hair with or without oil totally depends on you. Oil does have many benefits for your hair. If you got an oily scalp then massage your hair with oil once a week. But if your scalp is dry then you can use oil Massages more often.

Massaging your scalp with high-quality hair oils might promote healthy hair and encourage hair growth. It may also help in improving the circulation of blood flow. Avoid oils that contain artificial fragrances. I recommend you to use coconut oil, Almond oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Lavander Oil, Mustard Oil ad Rosemary Oil.

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According to a Japanese Study: Men who massaged their scalp for 4 minutes every day had less hair loss in few months.

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How to Grow Hair Fast: Exercise is very important to boost Hair Health:

Exercise improves blood circulation drastically thus with the improvement in blood circulation eventually result in improving hair health.  Try to flip yourself upside down to increase blood flow to your scalp.

fast hair growth

Try an Egg Mask to Prevent Breakage:

For normal hair use the entire egg to condition your hair but if you got oily hair, use egg whites. If your got dry brittle hair, use egg yolk to moisturize your hair. All you have to do is mix 2 eggs and add a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it well and apply it to your dry brushed hair directly with the help of the brush. Wash it with shampoo. Use this mask once a week.

Eggs are an excellent source of omega threes and biotin, It’s not the egg white that makes your hair grow faster. Egg yolk helps the hair grow faster.

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Check Your Medications:

Before stopping any medicine, first discuss the side effects with your doctor. Click to learn: Hair Vitamins that works for you real quick!

Some of the commonly prescribed categories of drugs that can exacerbate hair loss include antihypertensives (blood pressure), cholesterol or statins, hormone replacements like thyroid, birth control, testosterone, and certain antidepressants. – Patel M, Harrison S, Sinclair R. Drugs and Hair Loss. Dermatologic Clinics

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Rinse With Cool Water to Strengthen Hair:

Hot water dries out your hair out and even Hot water can cause dandruff. Thus use cold water because the cold water helps in closing the cuticle of the hair and gives strength to hair follicles. If you cant use cold water then lukewarm water is the next best thing to wash your hair with.

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Obeautify Tip: Rubbing wet hair puts your hair in a more delicate state for pulling them out thus brush your hair carefully.

Do a Hot Castor Oil Treatment to Promote Growth:

Castor oil is one of the best oil for growing your hair. Try castor oil overnight treatment. Add 2 tablespoons of castor oil with 1 tablespoon of Coconut oil. Mix them both and apply them to your hair. First, detangle your hair and brush them. Then apply the prepared mixture of oil onto your scalp first then to the roots. Massage it well and leave it overnight.

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Avoid Smoking for Healthy Blood Flow:

Smoking restricts blood flow to the scalp and follicles, which in turn restricts the vital oxygen and nutrients that your hair and scalp need to be healthy. Also, the toxins caused by smoking can also reap into the hair follicles and cause disruption. – Ortiz A, Grando SA. Smoking and the skin. International Journal of Dermatology. 2012

Trade Hair Growth Supplements for Healthy Fats:

Omega-3 fatty acids are best for your hair as well as skin. You need to eat healthily and maintain a healthy balanced diet for proper intake of Proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. But if it is hard for you to manage a proper intake of food then use supplements that contain a rich amount of all the vitamins and biotin that your hair needs to grow faster.

Limit Heat Styling to Keep Your Hair Healthy:

Avoid using too many hair products and hairstyling tools with high heat. Hairstyling experts say not to go over 409 Fahrenheit. Also limit the amount of time the hot tool is in contact with the hair directly like for instance while using a curling iron do not wrap your hair around the iron for too long, 8 seconds for each strand is enough to minimize the damage.

Also, use a heat protection spray each time you are using a heat styling product. Even if the heat is minimum, it damages the hair.

Obeautify Tip: Do not tie your hair tightly as it also puts too much pressure on roots and causes breakage of hair. 

Brush Gently When Detangling:

Do not hold your hair harshly to avoid extra tension on Hair follicles. Also do not brush your hair while they are wet or either use detangler. You can also use detangler hair spray that is kin of leave-in conditioner and leaves your hair silky and smooth.

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Avoid Over-Shampooing to Let Your Hair Repair:

Do not shampoo your hair daily, it will rip off all your hair and you don’t want to do that, Do you? Thus shampoo once or twice a week. Also, avoid shampoo which contains Sodium laurel sulfate. A high concentration of sulfates may contribute to cell damage and excess stripping away of natural oils and hair proteins.

Trim Your Split Ends Regularly:

Trim your dead ends of hair every month. It’s not like cutting or trimming your hair makes your hair grow good but it does feel healthy when dead ends of the hair are taken off from the strands. Sometimes your ends of the hair are burnt or split thus it is recommended to trim your split ends regularly.

Eliminate Stress to Avoid Hair Loss:

De-stress yourself by practicing meditation. Meditation and yoga not only lowers stress but also improves hormonal balance and reduces hair fallout.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase to Avoid Tangles:

Your hair won’t grow if it keeps on breaking. Replace your cotton pillow covers with silk ones. Silk is smoother which means less friction which means you will wake up in the morning with very few tangles and less hair breakage.

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Stay Hydrated:

Water hydrates the entire hair strand from the inside. It also removes all the toxins and pollutants which cause hair to fall.

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