Find Your Face Shape [ Heart Face Shape, Round Face Shape, Oval Shaped Face and More ], Best Hair Styles

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Today you are going to learn all about what face shape you have and what haircut would look best for face shape. At the end of reading this article, you will learn How to make yourself look more attractive to the human eye through a haircut with your own face shape.

There are six different face shapes that you could fit into. Firstly I want you to grab a mirror and try to identify your face shape. As I explain the face shapes one by one, You might already think you have a certain shape but it might not be correct, so it will be easy for you to understand while looking into the mirror as you read the article. Let’s find out your face shape.


Face shapes

Diamond :

With this wonderful face shape, You have a sharp jawline that is usually very pointed. You have your cheekbones that are very pronounced, very outer, Very Angular. Your forehead will be on the smaller side. So it smaller upon the forehead, Wider on cheekbones, and smaller on the down (Lips side), which makes an angular diamond face shape. I gotta tell you that this shape is a lot more desirable by women these days. Women are getting surgeries to get that sort of face shape.

Jennifer Lopez got a diamond face shape. You can see that angular heart chin going into a point, Her cheekbones come out and her forehead goes into a slight point.


face shape

What Haircut you should get to compliment your Diamond face shape: 

Long layers and textures shaggy hairstyles will look perfect on diamond face shape. Keep in mind to avoid that kind of styles that makes your eye look angular or accentuate the jawline

Celebrities with Diamond Face shapes:

Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene.

face shapes
face shapes
face shapes

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Round :

Round is round like a full rounded face, Everything is very smoothed out very circular. There is no pointed Jawline or no pointed cheekbones, Like everything round and smooth. Miranda Kurr got a round face shape. There is no sharp jaw and no harsh lines on the face. There are no sharp cheekbones. Round is beautiful and you should know that! one of my friends is like I got a round face and I don’t look good bla bla. NO girl! This is to show you How beautiful a round face is. Look How amazing supermodel Miranda Kurr is.

face shape

What Haircut you should get to compliment your Round face shape: 

Stay away from Bob’s hairstyles and voluminous blown-out hair looks because that will add the roundness to your round face which will make it too much Round and make it look fat which obvio you don’t want. Do you get it? Try to make. Long Hair cuts with more whispy layering look great with round faces. Whispy layering around the face going to give you that cheekbone that you might not have. A wavy beachy look and whispy layers are the best for you.

Celebrities with Round Face shapes:

Chrissy Teigen, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams.

face shapes
face shape
face shapes

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You are probably thinking that why does somebody has a square on their face, IT DONT!!!! It is more of a figurative meaning of the shape so somebody who got the same height and same width of the face. It doesn’t need to be perfect Square but you’ll be figuring out a somewhat symmetrical square face shape. Your jawline is very pronounced and squared-off kind. Your forehead is very squared off.  Angelina Jolie got a square face. It is not an exact square but you know kind of square thing. It’s very easy to find out either you got a square face shape or not.

face shape

What Haircut you should get to compliment your Square face shape: 

Square face goes really well with bangs. Hair length from shoulders to below shoulder will suit your face. Soften up those hard angles of your face with some layerings. A nice rounded blowout will also look good on you.  Strong Fringe and Blunt lines are not recommended.

Celebrities with Square Face shapes:

Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock.

face shapes
face shapes

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Oblong (long):

This face shape is a mix of Oval and Square face shapes. Usually, the face is on the longer side so the height is two times the width. Typically you will have more fullness on the cheek area and the chin will be a bit more widen and less angular. Sarah Jessica Parker got a beautiful oblong face shape

face shape
Nigel Waldron—Getty Images

What Haircut you should get to compliment your Oblong face shape: 

Add some beautiful volume or fullness on the sides to make your face look a little bit rounded. Layering around the cheekbone will suit you. whenever you style the hair with an Oblong face, make sure to exaggerate the width and never the length to have a rounded look rather than a longer look. Waves and layers are the best for this look. Avoid Sleeky straight hair with no volume and no layers.

Celebrities with Oblong Face shapes:

Joan Smalls, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, Liv Tyler, Gisele Bündchen.

face shapes
face shapes
face shapes

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Heart :

The forehead is wider than the jaw. The jaw comes to a slight point and got a slightly wide forehead and the cheekbones come out a bit. Jessica Alba got a heart-shaped face and you can clearly see a heart shape effect.

face shape

What Haircut you should get to compliment your Heart face shape: 

The best for this face shape is to create width around the jawline and try to decrease the length of the forehead. Adding the fullness to the jaw part will look great so a shorter haircut will help to add that fullness to the jawline. A nice rounded blowout will look great too.

Celebrities with Heart Face shapes:

Sarah Hyland, Reese Witherspoon, Chloë Grace Moretz.

face shapes
face shapes
face shapes

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No lines on the jaw so everything on your oval face is very proportioned in line with the jaw, the cheek. Everything is about the same width around. Height is a tiny bit loner than the width. You may have a very feminine hairline rounded out. Beyonce got an Oval face shape and she is perfect in all ways.

face shape

What Haircut you should get to compliment your Oval face shape:

The oval is the ideal face shape for a woman so you can do anything for your hair cut because you have the most optimal face shape for a female according to society and studies that have been done. Try getting more blunt haircuts. Don’t do more layering to make it edgy looking. No matter either you want short hair, medium-length hair o long hair because you already got a perfect face shape. Keep in mind to not add too much on the top side that can make your face shape feels like an Oblong Face Shape.

Celebrities with Oval Face shapes:

Kelly Rowland, Olivia Munn, Kerry Washington, Blake Lively.

face shape
face shapes

So now you will probably know about which Face Shape do you have, which hairstyle will look the best on you, and How to make yourself look more attractive to the human eye through a haircut with your own face shape. All Face shapes are beautiful in their own way, you just have to enhance a little bit. That’s all! Hope it is informative enough for you to understand.

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