Hair Tips for Men According to Experts! [2022]

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Best Hair Tips for Men According to Experts.

What do we all want from our hair? No matter man or woman, we all want great-looking healthy hair. Nowadays it is hard to achieve great-looking hair thus it is okay to accept your average-looking hair. We are here to give you the best tips according to experts. By following these tips you may achieve the greatness from your hair that you always want.

Most men want to spend less time while getting ready thus the theory they portray is ” the shorter the hair, the less time it will take to settle down” . Even if your hair is long enough, it won’t take much time to settle down thus get this “less hair low maintenance” theory out of your mind and focus on the tips we are about to discuss. Your hairstyling won’t take much effort as far as you know what to do with them.

Hair Tips for Men

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Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day:

By washing your hair more often you are harming your hair by (1) taking the needed oils away from the scalp, (2) Using extra chemical on your hair that is present in the shampoo, (3) Makes your hair and scalp dry, (4) damaging by rubbing harshly. Instead, most people think that they are just cleaning the scalp by washing it more often but only Three wash per week is enough for your scalp (men scalp) and hair to be clean and to be healthy.

You should also know that natural oils that are produced by your hair are to hydrate your scalp. Natural oils don’t mean your scalp is not clean, it is a natural process. even if your hair is shorter than 1cm or longer till shoulders,3 washes are more than enough per week.

The Kind of Shampoo You Use Matter:

Use any shampoo that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, sulfate-free is the best choice. Don’t go after cheap shampoos to ruin your hair. Use a little bit of shampoo and make the bubbles in your hand then apply to your hair. We do not recommend applying shampoo directly to the hair. Cheaper hair products take away natural oils from the hair leaving them dry behind. Use any gentle sulfate-free shampoo thrice a week.

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Know Your Hair Type:

everyone can easily figure out the type of your hair whether they are Straight, curly, Thick, Thin, Dry, Smooth. Move your fingers in your hair (brush with fingers) and you’ll probably know the type. Different hair needs different products and different kinds of treatments. Curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types, thin hair needs more volumizing products, Thick hair needs gel to settle down. Here we are trying to make you understand that every type of air needs a different kind of treatment while both washing and styling.

Always Condition After You Shampoo (And Even When You Don’t):

Conditioning is always an important step because it moisturizes hair and scalp. Why Moisturizing is always important? obviously to keep the moisture locked in the hair follicle. After shampooing your hair always apply conditioner to keep your hair moisturized, apply it for 2-3 minutes then rinse it off with water.  Whenever we wash our hair, the essential oils and moisture also vanish with the dirt in our scalp. Thus in order to maintain those essential oils and moisture, conditioning your hair is the best way.

Hair Tips for Men

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The Longer The Hair, The More Conditioner You Need:

Yes, Because Long hair is equal to more need of moisture due to more dryness. Do not apply much conditioner to the scalp but instead apply the conditioner to the length of your hair (focus on ends) for a smooth healthy look as no one wants a messy rough look.

Don’t Use Two-in-One Products:

Try to avoid two-in-one products, use separate shampoo and separate conditioner. The purpose of both products is different. The shampoo is used for cleaning the scalp and the conditioner is used to give moisture to the hair. Achieving both purposes from one product seems tempting to hear but actually, you are not knowingly only achieving one purpose (don’t know which one). But most of these two-in-one products focus on cleansing the scalp, not hydrating your hair. Thus Be Aware!

Hair Tips for Men

Hydration is The Key For Textured Hair:

The curlier your hair will be, the more moisture it will be needing to settle down thus a good shampoo and a good conditioner are the essentials for your hair. You can also use a Leave-in conditioner that keeps your hair hydrated for a longer period of time. You just have to apply the leave-in conditioner to the hair after washing them and do not rinse the conditioner off.

hair men

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Use Oils for Extra Moisture:

I have always seen my dad use a drop or two on hair after every wash and no doubt that he got healthier hair than everyone around. I can surely bet that using Hair oil after a shower will lock the moisture inside your hair especially if you got curly hair you may need to apply more than some drops. But surely it will keep your hair moisturized. We recommend you to use Argan oil, Almond oil, And Mustard Oil because they are lighter in weight. These oils don’t make your hair look greasy. Just make sure that you are not applying too much and too little.

Hair Tips for Men

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Be Gentle When Towel Drying Your Hair:

Do not rub your hair with a towel after a wash because rubbing harshly will damage your hair. Being rough with your hair can make them frizzy, damage the hair and decrease the volume of hair. Thus please be gentle while drying your hair with the towel.

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Massage Your Scalp When You Shampoo:

Not harshly but gently always massage your hair with shampoo. Rub your fingers inside your hair and massage the scalp to exfoliate the dead skin out of your head. It feels a lot nicer to rub your fingers inside hair. It gives so many benefits as it makes your hair healthier, Exfoliates the dead skin out, Cleanses your scalp nicely, and feels nicer.

Hair Tips for Men
Hair Tips for Men

Use a Scalp Scrub Regularly:

A scalp scrub helps in hair growth and cleansing. You can use it once or twice a week. Here we recommend some of the following products with Purchasing links for your ease.

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Get a Haircut Every 4-6 Weeks:

Regular hair cuts improve the growth of your hair. Cutting the damaged hair from the ends will give a healthier look to the head. Also, it looks tidier neat and clean. Men’s neck hair grows out and needs to be shaved or given proper shape after every month almost. Even if you have long hair, still you need to get a haircut after every month for a tidy and neat look.

Hair Tips for Men
Hair Tips for Men

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Barber Tips:

  1. Instead of telling your barber what kind of haircut you want, bring a picture or an example for a clearer image. do not mess around with your hair styling, there’s a possibility that you may want another kind of styling and your barber understands that differently because of how you explained it to him. Thus bringing an example is always a good idea to eliminate the risk of “not getting the needed results”.
  2. Your barber will suggest you some hair cuts and hair styling according to your face shape and hair type. They will never say a NO to your desired haircut unless they think that your hair type may not be able to style in that way or the style doesn’t suit your face shape.
  3. Do not try to speak the barbers’ language, it may confuse them or irritate some of them. Some of the barber’s terms mean something entirely different than our understanding. We know it sounds cool to use their terms in front of them but instead just take a picture of your desired look and show it to the barber. that is way better than using terms that you don’t entirely know the meaning of.
  4. Do not Cheap out while choosing your barber. Everyone can notice a cheap haircut by its look or results. Hair cut is like buying an accessory for yourself. We are not saying to spend thousands of dollars and break your bank account for just a haircut, but instead, get a nicer haircut with a well-known stylist. Choose any hair stylist where you are comfortable paying such an amount and getting the desired hair cut.
hair men
Hair Tips for Men


Texture Makes a Haircut Last Longer:

Textured hair is not easy for all barbers to achieve a suitable texture for the hair. Texture in hair makes a haircut last longer than usual. Don’t ever go for a straight line kind of haircut because it doesn’t look good, grows out very quickly, and doesn’t give the desired texture to the hair, rather it seems sloppy.

hair men
Hair Tips for Men

Don’t Fight The Cowlick:

They say: “Let it be”, do not fight back. Cowlicks are part of everyone’s hair. These are the hair that grows differently on another side than usual and doesn’t sit back with the rest of the hairstyle. Don’t get offended by this cowlick hair, instead accept them. if you are still offended by that cowlick hair then try to find a suitable blended kind of hairstyle. If that hair is longer than 2 inches then it may blend easily. Your barber can definitely help you with the suitable haircut and hairstyle for that cowlick as well.

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There’s a Difference Between a Haircut and a Hair Style:

There’s a big difference between a haircut and a hairstyle. You can get any haircut you want, but when your barber tells you to follow some tips for your own hairstyling to achieve the desired look that you have shown to your barber. Then you have to follow those tips in order to achieve the hairstyle. If you are not ready to put in time and effort for hairstyling, you will not be able to achieve your desired look.

Shape Your Hair Into Place While It’s Still Damp:

we recommend you shape your hair right after you take shower. It is always easy to style your hair when they are wet. You can shape your hair with your fingers as well as with a hairbrush. Also, you can use a hairdryer while combing them with a hairbrush, the style will start to lock in as they start to dry.

You can put hair products in your hair while your hair is towel-dried (not too much wet, not dried as well).

hair men
Hair Tips for Men

Use a Blow-dryer:

Most men do not want to put effort and time into hairstyling. Using a blow-dryer is a great idea for your hair. If your hair is about 2 inches or longer, a bow dryer is a great fit for your hair. It will give your hair volume and shape. You will definitely find good results after you start using a blow-dryer for your hair.

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Don’t Use More Product Than You Need:

Using the extra products in your hair will give you a greasy look. If are unable to move your fingers in your hair after you apply the product then surely you have applied too much of it. Start applying a little bit of product and add more gradually if you want.

Make Sure to Spread the product All Over Your Hands before applying it to your hair. Do not apply directly to your hair, firstly spread the product to your hands and then apply it. Also, keep in your mind to Massage the product well in your all hair.

hair men
Hair Tips for Men

Different types of products: 

  • Difference Between Pomade and Clay: Usually Pomades give the shiny look r wet look while Clay gives a more natural look, matte look, or a dry look.
  • Difference Between Gels and Creams: Gel will give you a shiny look and its texture is thick while cream gives you a more natural, dry, and matte look. the cream is light in texture so dissolve in your hair and give moisture to the hair as well.

Pomade Hair style look:

Clay Hair Style Look:

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