Hottest Short Haircuts For Women In 2022!

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Check out the Hottest Short Haircuts For Women In 2022

If you want to cut your long hair short, trust me it will feel extremely light on your head and trendy cool on the other side. It will never take too long to wash and dry your hair but it does require some amount of styling. it still needs to give a certain style that you like or that suits your face.

We are going to discuss all the details about how to maintain a short haircut and Trendy 2022 options of hottest short haircuts for women these days in this article. So keep on scrolling down and read to find out the best short hairstyle for yourself.

Some basic Tips For short hairstyling:

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Invest In A Good Hair Comb:

we can usually use fingers to style short hairstyles and give some texture by using only fingers and a blow dryer. On the days you are looking for a chic look, use a good hairstyling comb, a tooth comb works the best. You can use a tooth hair comb while drying out your hair after the shower. But if you have taken shower then we suggest spritzing some water onto your hair and brushing it out while drying with a blow dryer.

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Wash your hair twice a week :

Natural oils are necessary for healthy hair growth thus we suggest only washing your hair when they start to feel too oily. Use shampoo to cleanse out your scalp with dirt and use conditioner afterward to give moisture back to the hair. If you got curly hair then a leave-in conditioner is suggested. Keep a dry shampoo in hand because you are only going to wash your hair twice a week thus you may be in need of some dry shampoo. Dry shampoo also gives a nice texture to the hair.

Use A Hair Mask:

Do not cheap out while choosing a hair mask for yourself. Use a hair mask once in 10 days. When you start to get the feeling that your hair is drying out. Apply your mask on the hair with your fingers and wrap your head in a hot towel. Let the mask do its magic for 10-20 minutes and then rinse it out.

Always Use Hear-Protectant:

Heat-protectant spray is your best friend while styling your hair with any heating tool. Apply heat protectant on your towel-dried hair and use a blowdryer to dry them out. Brush your hair out with a comb and a hairdryer on LOW Heat.

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Apply serum after the styling to protect your hair and give it a nice shiny look.


Make sure you get a trimming on your hair after every 6 weeks for healthy growth and a healthy look of hair.

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Perfect Short Hair Cuts:

Short hair cuts are the trendy hair choices in 2021 and 2022. It makes women feel confident, empowered, and feel the freedom. while celebrities became fans of short hairstyles, it became a trend to get a short haircut. Almost every other woman nowadays flaunting a cool short hair cut fashionably.

Anne Hathaway’s Long Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A Pixie haircut with Long bangs can easily be styled and takes very little time after a shower to settle down. Either style it with a blow dryer or a hair straightener, it’s your choice. How Elegantly Anne Hathaway is carrying those Side Swept Bangs with a Long Pixie hair cut. Take inspiration from the picture and give yourself the sweetness of side-swept bangs with a pixie.

Karen Gillan With Pixie-Bob And Wavy Upswept Bangs:

Hottest Short Haircuts

Got a pixie? Just a little styling with a round hairbrush and a blow dryer is all you will be needing for this hairstyle. Take a round hairbrush and roll it upwards in the direction with a blow dryer to achieve the edgy wavy upswept bangs like Karen Gillan. This hairstyle gives volume to your hair.

Michelle Williams’s Pixie Haircut With Deep Side Part:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A deep side-parted hairstyle with a pixie can never go wrong.  Either let your hair dry naturally and then side part it with a brush. Or either take a blow dryer and run your fingers along with the blow dryer from the side of your head to achieve this look. You can use a straightener too instead of a blow dryer only if you want.

Long Pixie With Undercut – Perfect Rihanna’s Style:

Hottest Short Haircuts

Rihanna’s hairstyling history is one of the best stylish transformations she always had. All hairstyles achieved by Rihannas are the best chic hair trends going on. A voluminous long pixie from the side and a shaved undercut on the other side give a perfect look of the Hottest trend in 2022. If you are someone who loves to play with colors then you can either get a fun colorful hair dye on the shaved undercut side. If you don’t want to play much with colors then a light balayage on the other side of pixie would be best for you.

Emma Stone’s Blunt Bob With Bangs:

Emma stone’s shoulder-length hairstyle before this one was also very trendy. Although a short hairstyle is never out of fashion these days. In order to achieve this look, you just have to get a blunt bob with bangs, and to style that blunt bob, use a blow dryer and your gingers for a wavy look. If you don’t want to use a blow dryer the easiest way is to apply voluminous cream/spray on towel-dried hair and scrunch then for the specified Emma stone’s Blunt wavy bob with bangs.

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Short Layered Bob For Krysta Rodriguez: [ Hottest Short Haircuts ]

Layering in any haircut with any length will give you a voluminous look even after the hair grows out, it will still be voluminous. Having a bob with layers means that you are naturally going to achieve that volume in your hair. Thus all you have to do is to take a blow-dryer or a straightener to give a tidy neat look to your hairstyle.

Jessica Stroup’s Classic Chin-Length Bob: [ Hottest Short Haircuts ]

short haircut Hottest Short Haircuts

Jessica Stroup is having a classic chin-length bob that doesn’t require much styling but a straightening or a blowdryer to give neat look. The easiest style to achieve and doesn’t require much time. Make sure to visit a well-known salon so that you are fully satisfied with your desired look. The ends of this bob haircut shouldn’t be too blunt.

Milla’s Curly Bob: [ Hottest Short Haircuts ]

It doesn’t matter that the length of your bob haircut is till your ear or touching the shoulders. A curly wavy hairstyle look is the one that requires some styling (unless you naturally got curly hair). Use a heat protectant spray, a voluminous spray first on your towel dries hair, and use a curling iron to achieve this look.

Perfectly Sleek Bob On Kylie Jenner: [ Hottest Short Haircuts ]

Hottest Short Haircuts

A sleek bob is everyone’s choice, from a teenage girl to a young stylish working woman to a 50-year-old woman. Everyone seems to enjoy this haircut a lot more than others. I absolutely loved this haircut in 2021 now it is grown out to be a lob. The reason why I loved it the most is that it gave me a fashionable look that is styled very easily, looked hot, gave me chance to flaunt my earings accessories and a braided look with a bob is the one for parties or weddings. we can say ” An All-Time Favorite Look in Ladies” in 2021 and 2022 for sure.

Taylor Swift Style: Stacked Bob With Blunt Bangs:

Hottest Short Haircuts

Seems like a Bob With Blunt Bangs is Taylor Swift’s style, she absolutely loves it. There are so many ways a bob haircut with blunt bangs can be styled. It can be straightened like Taylor swift’s bob in the picture, it can be curled up or a wavy look. Also, braids and a short ponytail also look hot and fashionable for working women.

Straight Bob Haircut Like Jennifer Aniston: Hottest Short Haircuts

A simple straight bob haircut can easily be achieved. Select a salon and go get this hair cut, but for styling, you have to use a straightener on your hair. Before using any heating tool we suggest you use any heat protectant spray so that your hair won’t get damaged.

Scarlett Johansson`s Side Pixie Cut: [ Hottest Short Haircuts ]

A side Pixie cut gives a very fashionable look and gives you a chance to flaunt your ear accessories. You can play with colors as well. A hair cut, hair color, and hair styling are three different things that you have to play with in order to achieve Scarlett Johansson’s favorite look.

Lucy Liu`s Short Bob:

A simple blow-dries short bob for anyone who does not want to give more time while styling this haircut. This haircut is for someone who wants your haircut to be Low-Maintenance, easy, and quick while styling.

Spiked Up Pixie Haircut Like Halle Berry:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A spiked-up pixie needs only a hairspray to achieve the desired look like Halle Barry is having. Put HairSpray onto your hair and run fingers accordingly to achieve the spikes, that’s all and you are good to go. If you are unable to achieve this look by spraying and running fingers in your hair, then use a straightener on low heat to make spikes. The high heat of the straightener will give a very blunt look to the spikes.

Brushed Up Long Pixie Cut With Short Sides by Miley Cyrus:

Brush your pixie with a wide-tooth comb while drying out (either air-dry or Blow-dry). Apply volume cream or spray on towel-dried hair so that you achieve a voluminous brushed-out style on your pixie haircut.

Best Short Hair Cuts To Enhance Facial Features:

As we already discussed that short hair cuts are very much trending in 2021 and 2022. The short hair cuts make women feel confident, empowered, and feel the freedom. There are so many benefits of short haircuts, maybe that is the reason that celebrities became fans of short hairstyles. After so many celebrities cut their hair short as we are discussing in this article it became a trend for everyone to get a short haircut. Almost every other woman (even other than celebrities) nowadays flaunting a cool short haircut fashionably.

If you want to enhance your facial features, then choose the Haircut according to your face shape. There’s not a single doubt that you are as beautiful as Flower but Choosing a haircut according to your facial shape would make your face more attractive to the human eye.

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Pushed Up Pixie Cut For Oval Face:

Silver Pixie Haircut For Square Face:

explore the platinum blonde and gray hues

Side Swept Style For Long Face:

Voluminous Pixie For Triangle Face:

Choppy Pixie Style For Heart Shaped Face:

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Pixie Short Haircuts For Women:

Pixie hair cuts in women can be categorized into so many styles, shapes, and colors. You just have to find a suitable one for yourself. Why get bored with the same old hairstyle when you can always change the hair cuts, styles, and color. Let’s take a look at the following drooling-over cool hairstyles

Bangs with Pixie, Spiked up pixie, Textured pixie, Mussed up pixie, Edgy pixie, Wavy pixie, Pixie with long side bangs, Long Pixie, And so many more short hairstyles for confident women.

Classic Short Pixie:

This is a classic short pixie that looks absolutely sexy and goes with every kind of makeup look. You can also use hair gels and spray to style in the desired look. While getting ready every morning, you don’t have to put effort and spend huge time styling a short pixie. Even if you do not style, it is a good-to-go style anytime, anywhere.

Sweet Pixie With Bangs:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A Low-maintenance hairstyle with choppy bangs, bangs gives volume to the hair. The kind of hairstyle that is always fun and cool, you can also play with colors (hair dye) if you want. We can call it maximum effect and minimum effort hairstyle.

Shattered Pixie:

Hottest Short Haircuts

This is also a maximum effect and minimum effort hairstyle. The more the layers would be, the more volume it will give thus we suggest you get a more choppy layering at the crown of your head to get maximize volume. It will look absolutely amazing. From the front side, you have got to style with a straightener or a blow-dryer.

For women who have got a square or diamond-shaped face, we suggest you get a long pixie with bangs to soften out your facial features.

Cool Long Pixie:

Hottest Short Haircuts

You can always add hints of color to your hairstyle. Smokey eyes makeup is always a go-go for every pixie style. Thus you can try smokey eyes with your short hairstyle.

Layered Long Pixie Hairstyle:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A short hairstyle with a long pixie should always be layered to give volume to the hair. It always looks cool and sassy. This hairstyle can be achieved at any age, no matter whether you are young or old. This hairstyle can be styled in a messy way as well as in a sleek party occasional way. It depends on which look are you going for and then style it in the desired look. A messy look can be followed for an everyday go-to but a sleek bold shiny neat look can be followed for any occasion such as a party, wedding, work program, or meeting.

Textured Pixie With Balayage:

An absolute Love. With all the volume in the hairstyle, more beauty is coming out. This hairstyle looks amazingly good that’ll reflect the power of women directly in the first look. Balayage is your personal choice, getting a balayage, choosing the hair dye color, and then maintaining it is totally your choice. If you wanna go with your natural hair color that is fine, but if you wanna go for a balayage then choose a color that you like and looks amazing on your skin.

Texture in the hair comes with choppy layers which is giving volume to the hairstyle. Else, we leave choosing the color of balayage upon you.

Asymmetrical Black Straight Pixie:

Hottest Short Haircuts

Power play Black color is always sexy, bold, and amazing with an Asymmetrical pixie cut. We suggest that women with square and round faces go for an asymmetrical pixie hairstyle to enhance their facial features. With this haircut, there will be a hell of a volume on your head.

Undercut Pixie:

Hottest Short Haircuts

If you are the kind of person who hates to spend time styling your hair then a pixie haircut is the best choice for you, That’s for sure! This undercut pixie reflects confidence, rebellious and daring personality traits. Also as we mentioned before as well that you have got a versatile haircut when it comes to the color of hair, it’s totally your choice to go for natural color or a vivid one!

Layered Messy Pixie-Bob With Rose Highlights:

Highlights look amazing with all bob-lob and pixie hair cuts options. The layering in any haircut gives a lot of volume to the hair whether the haircut is a short haircut or a long one. A messy look with a layered haircut looks absolutely amazing even if you are not up for styling then wake up, shower or not (your choice), and brush’em out and you’re good to go. you can style it in a messy way or either in a clean tidy look as well.

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie Cut:

Hottest Short Haircuts

We suggest that women with square and round faces go for an asymmetrical pixie hairstyle to enhance their facial features. With this haircut, there will be a hell of a volume on your head. This look is a red carpet kind of style that adds a bit of drama, a bit of elegance, a bit of sassiness.

Ultra Modern Buzz Cut:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A modern haircut for those girls who do not want to put themselves in any effort of styling their hair, not even in imagination. They can rock a buzz cut by adding some of the accessories and jewels on the outside, in fact, you’ll feel gorgeous on the inside as well. This haircut will build up confidence in you to accept your framing details.

In fact, when it starts to grow up an inch or two, you can opt for more pixie haircuts and change your hairstyle almost every month or two.

Golden Crop:

Hottest Short Haircuts

Tapered Haircut With Shaved Side:

Hottest Short Haircuts

The most gorgeous and daring style any confident woman can pull up.

Long Pixie Hair Cut With Blue Color Fade:

Hottest Short Haircuts

To add the hottest trend to your short haircut add any vivid colors to the ends of your hair, highlights, or low lights. You will be the hottest one in your friends, family, and work circle.

Thick Bowl Long Pixie Cut:

Hottest Short Haircuts

A bowl pixie is not much common these days, it was much popular in the ’90s. If you are the one who loves styling your hair in the 90’s way this hairstyle is the best one for you. This bowl pixie will give a round fuller look to your head.

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Faux Hawk Short Pixie:

Hottest Short Haircuts

It reflects the image of a darling lady. Also, this haircut is low maintenance and does not take much time to get styled. The best part of all the short haircuts is that they do not take much time to be styled after a shower.

Long Top Pixie Undercut:

Hottest Short Haircuts

We absolutely love the girls who want to adopt masculine hairstyles to show confidence and strength in them. There’s nothing that can take away your femininity, even if you start to be masculine from head to toe, there will still be a feminine part showing confidence in you. Also, it doesn’t take much time to get styled thus you will just have to put in some effort in choosing accessories and makeup if you want.

Shaggy Pixie Bob With Undercut:

short haircut
Hottest Short Haircuts

A shag haircut adds layers in your crown area which boosts up the volume of your hair. Most fashion lovers love the volume in the hairstyle. You can use a hair straightener or a curling iron to style a shag hair cut, a messy look is more in trends these days.

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