How to cut your own hair and grow long, Does rice water works for growth? (Hairdressers guide)

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Today you are going to learn how to cut your own hair at home properly. I have created a very simple guide to follow. This cannot replace a hairstylist and your hair will not be that much great but just in case you don’t have time for a hairstylist or unable to visit him.

How to cut your own hair?

In an emergency follow the steps to cut your own hair. You would never want to cut your hair. This is the absolute basics of a haircut and this is not how a hairdresser cuts hair. It’s a very general way of cutting hair.

Tools you may need to cut your hair:

First of all, you are going to need some tools to cut your hair:

  • A couple of clips.
  • Hairdresser cutting scissors.
  • Some comb.
  • Some hair ties. (little rubber ponies)
  • A hairbrush.

That is everything you need to cut your hair.

Steps to Follow:

  • Wash your hair: While cutting your hair, your hair needs to be clean and dirt-free.
  • Use heat protection and then Blow out and straighten your hair like bone straight so that when you cut you know that what is the shape you are cutting. It will be clear what you want. But if you got curly hair and you wear your hair naturally every time then there is no need to straighten your hair.
  • Section your hair in four parts (not two) FOUR parts. Section your hair in two parts all the way down and then section that two sections again in two parts. from right behind the ear. You will have 4 parts in total. Clip each section properly.
  • Please make sure your hair is all brushed out or comes out properly.
  • Take each section, put the hair tie from where you want your hair to be cut. Don’t direct your hand forward or back, just place it straight.
  • Make sure that all four hair ties are equal in length, you can also check it by placing the comb horizontally or with any straight thing. And in the front don’t worry if the pieces coming out of the section, that is just your layers. we are just dealing with the length right now.
  • Now you are going to cut cut cut your hair yayyyy. You are going to point cut (pointcut is when you go up and cross or down and cross), Horizontal cutting is going to give your hair a very sharp line, you are looking for a nice blended effect.

point cut

  • Pointcut every section of your hair from below every hair tie. Don’t pull elastic or hair tie while cutting.
  • Now let the hair ties out and comb. your straight hair cutting is complete here.

How to grow your hair:

If you want to grow your hair longer, you may have questions or advice like what kind of shampoo should i use? what sort of brush should I use? How should I cut my hair to promote growth? or maybe what sort of hairstyles should I follow?

1- Shampoo :

Whatever you have or whatever you use is just fine. If you don’t like it, try something else. Don’t rub your hair very eagerly that your rubbing damages the hair. Gently wash your hair, Gently rub your hair and gently wash them, please.

2- Brush :

A brush that suits your hair and doesn’t pull out most of your hair is just fine. I recommend a Tooth Comb Detangling Hair Brush, Paddle Hair Comb, Care Handgrip.

3- How to cut your hair for growth:

Trimming your hair every 3 months to remove split ends is very important. Stop cutting your hair too much.

4- Balayam-Yoga Nail Rubbing :

Balayam is an Indian Practice for Yoga. It contains two words Bal and Ayam . Bal means hair, and Ayam means exercise. So basically Balayam is an exercise for the hair.

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How does a wound heal? Through the healing cells (stem cells) of our body. Bodyworks this way. Hair emerges from the hair follicle. Hair follicle also contains those healing cells ( Stem cells) which can heal the hair like give nourishment, growth, regrowth, and improves the health of your hair.

Balayam Hair yoga

5- Hair Massage:

Do a 5-Min hair massage daily before going to sleep with fingers very gently. Do not put too much pressure on your fingers. Also, Massage your hair via the Inversion method (Upside down).

6- Hair Oiling:

Do not leave your scalp dry ever. By putting oils in the hair make your scalp Hydrated and also other benefits too. Do oiling with coconut oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Lavander Oil, Mustard Oil once a week.

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Does Rice water is the secret to extreme hair growth?

Rice water has become such a huge thing lately. People are obsessed with it. Does it really grow your Hair Faster, Longer, Healthier, And Stronger? and should you be using it right?

Since ancient times Chinese women use unpolished rice water for hair rinse and they had extremely long hair. They are actually known for having the longest hair in the world. They wash their hair once a week with Rice water. and Never cuts their hair, Only once in a lifetime they get to cut their hair been cut at the age of 18 ( celebration of turning Girl into Women)

rice water for hair

Rice is actually a good thing, it is filled with amino acids, Vitamin B and E, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants. You can also use products with these things or either use it naturally . whatever you want!

Check-List of Pros. for Rice Water :

  • Detangles your hair Easily.
  • Reduce Hair Fall.
  • Can make hair Smooth, Soft, and Silky.
  • Strengthen the Hair.
  • Stimulates New Hair Growth.
  • Makes your hair grow faster.

How To make this Concoction of rice water for hair?

1 cup rice (properly washed) + 1 Grapefruit peel out ( outer part) + Water to soak in, then Ferment for 1 week. After one week you can use it on your hair.

Rice water for hair

That’s all.

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