60 Celebrity Layered Haircuts that you will LOVE !

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Everyone wants the hairstyle that is in trend and looks really cool on them. why not follow some chic celebrity hairstyles which are in fashion and also you can tell your friend that you are following those specific celebrity Layered Haircuts to be popular in your circle.

60 Celebrity Layered Haircuts that you will LOVE!

Let’s begin with the hairstyles, Find your favorites from below and try them, you will look beautiful!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas:

If you are afraid of getting short layers like Rachel Haircut and cutting your layers, you can try this style of layers where your hair is not going to be cut so much because it is long enough layers to frame the face. Just ask your hairstylist to cut the layers around your face, it is a no-layers layered hairstyle!

Celebrity hairstyle

Selena Gomez: [ Layered Haircuts ]

Selena Gomez looking so pretty in a Wavy chin-glazing bob with some of the few layers. For the people who got thin hair and less volume, this hair cut is for you! The shorted the haircut is the more volume you will get, still if you think you are not having enough volume just put on some volumizing hair cream or spray before styling or after washing hair.

celebrity hairstles

Nicole Beharie: [ Layered Haircuts ]

celebrity hairstyles

A blunt curly simple hairstyle looks amazing. For the people who live in a humid environment and have curly hair, let your hair be natural because humidity helps manage the curls. Put in some Leave-in conditioner so your hair doesn’t feel dry.

celebrity hairstyle

Jourdan Dunn: [ Layered Haircuts ]

Jourdan Dunn‘s hair is ultimate love. she got invisible layers in this hairstyle she’s carrying. You can find other hairstyles of Jourdan Dunn but this hairstyle with invisible layers always WINS!

celebrity hairstyle

Melanie Fiona:

A good wavy hairstyle with rich texture is all you want. Use a curling iron for every one inch of your hair from root to tip. You can use a heat protectant creme or spray after washing your hair ( in your towel-dried damp hair)


Alanna Arrington: [ Layered Haircuts ]

You can add layers around your curly hair to have a bouncy hairstyle and volumized height just as Alanna Arrington is carrying. To have this look you may use any curl-defining cream for a smooth look.

celebrity hairstyles

Eva Mendes: [ Layered Haircuts ]

Soft curls with layers throughout the length with a voluminous look are fresh throughout and never go out of fashion. Eva Mendes looks so glamourous and so are you going to look in this style!

Celebrity Hairstyle

Zendaya: [ Layered Haircuts ]

Zendaya is looking so chic and sexy with long layers and shines in those straight locks. Use heat protection before blowdrying your hair and finish off with hairspray so that your hair stays for a long time period. Hair Blow Out is all you need in this hairstyle. If you are going to use a straightener, please use Straightening iron as a finishing tool.

celebrity hairstyle

Winnie Harlow:

This haircut proves that you can lift up your natural hair in a way that will look absolutely stunning. Winnie Harlow is proving the power of layers so perfectly. You can achieve this look o your natural hair if you for curls but if you don’t have natural curls, use a curl-defining cream (DevaCurl Styling cream).

celebrity hairstyles

Jamie Chung:

This is the look for you if you want texture on your thin hair, You just need to have some layers throughout. Use a heat protectant before styling your hair.

celebrity hairstyle

Jessica Biel:

Hair always looks beautiful when it is hanging loose. Here Jessica Biel got some short layers in the front there is a long feather cut. The addition of the highlight looks so warm and hot.

Layered Haircuts

Jennifer Lopez:

This bomb look is so perfect for you. Use volumizing hair spray after washing your hair (towel dried) and give a wavy-curly blowout. use hairspray afterward for a long stay. Center parted fringe with long layers frames the face.Layered Haircuts

Shay Mitchell:

A long bob hitting the shoulder (Bob’s cousin) with long layers looking so hot and stunning on shay Mitchell. she looks absolutely stunning & so are you going to look with this hairstyle.

celebrity hairstyles

Mary J. Blige:

Add so many layers with bangs, it suits angular bone structure with small faces. Use a curling iron to give waves to the layers for a puffy look.

Layered Haircuts

Chrissy Teigen:

If you got long hair or a thick texture then you don’t have to create this look. It will suit on the thin fine hair. It does look so cute and perf.

Layered Haircuts

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

If you want to reap the voluminous benefits of layers without committing to a chop-heavy cut, ask for layers in the bottom few inches of your hair like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. You can wear it in a deep side part to embrace the effect of shorter layers, but if you’re wanting to switch it up you can flip it back to center and just like that, the layers are invisible.

Layered Haircuts

Kerry Washington:

A lob with bangs (curtain bangs) looking stunning on Kerry Washington. Use heat protectant spray before styling your hair and a shine spray to give that cool shiny look on the hair.

celebrity hairstyle

Oprah Winfrey:

If you got thick hair and want a short hairstyle to carry with less effort, this haircut is for you. Heavy layers styled with flips with a lot of Volumes. You can use hot Hair rollers and sit for like 15 20 kins and remove it and shake your hair. your hairstyle is ready. Use hairspray afterward for a long stay.

Layered Haircuts

Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston is popular for her layered hair known as “The Rachel hair cut/style” for so long and people love it. she loves volume and shaping the layers. This look can be achieved with a blow-dry with a round brush. Use styling cream before that Sleeky shiny blow dry also use a heat protectant before styling.

Layered Haircuts

Alicia Keys:

Don’t be afraid of getting layers because layers are going to give your hair definition and volume. Just don’t be extra while having layers, you won’t be needing too many layers or too few layers. If you want to achieve this hairstyle use a curling cream (Devacurl cream) to maintain your curls.

Layered Haircuts

Khloé Kardashian:

Layers are too many at the end. To achieve this hairstyle you have to use volumizing cream and soft waves.

celebrity hairstyles

Halle Berry:

Just a blow-dry can do this hairstyle for you. some layers and some bangs with a blow-dry is all you need.

Layered Haircuts

Jennifer Lawrence:

To achieve this look you can either use a sleek straight blow-dry or either straightening iron, but use a heat protectant and volumizing spray before styling and putting heat directly on your head.  Having feathered layers with a classic mid-length face-framing cut is all you need to achieve this Jenifer Lawrence hairstyle.

celebrity hairstyles

Rachel McAdams:

This hairstyle looks so chic. Go for the layers with face-framing and use a blow drier or straightener to achieve this look. you can use waves with a straightener as well.

Layered Haircuts

Kim Kardashian West:

It is a simple lob with a side flip, you can use a shine spray on hair to make it look shiny and cool.

celebrity hairstyle

Camille Rose Naturals Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse: It never lets your scalp dry, it will for sure make your head feels clean and hair shinier each time you use it.

Olivia Culpo:

Lob with a good Volume. To fake a volume, you can use a volumizing hair spray. I recommend putting bumble and bumble go big treatment into your towel-dried hair before styling or blow-drying it.

Layered Haircuts

Kate Mara:

Growing out hair from a pixie hair cut? just like Kate Mara. Layers are your friend so little choppy hair layers throughout the ends can look so cute.

celebrity hairstyle

Hailey Bieber:

Texture and volume are all here in this hairstyle. Use a curling cream if you are amused with this look you can achieve it very easily. Please use a heat protectant before using any heating tool over hair.


Alexa Chung:

A natural wavy look with a lob is LOVE! It’s very easy to achieve this look with a hairdryer or even with a hair straightening tool. A little balayage, like Alexa Chung’s, will also cool without even layers.

Layered Haircuts


Neck-length bob is one that looks so elegant.  SO BEAUTIFUL! Sleek straight that I am not getting enough of it. You can easily achieve this look with a straightening iron.


Cara Delevingne:

Use a straightening iron wave by moving your hands back and forth. Looser waves will look so cool and blunt.


Sienna Miller:

A few layers under the shoulder are all to achieve this look.

Layered Haircuts


Perfectly imperfect curls with extra-long layers. use a curling iron to achieve this look and hairspray for a longer stay.


Taylor Swift:

bangs with a layered bob seem cute in every age. use some dry shampoo to achieve this dry look.



A vintage glam like Beyonce is carrying can be achieved by Heat Protectant and a Curling Iron.


Gabrielle Union:

An elegant side-swept bob with choppy layers is what you want if you love short hair. It is a matte Pomade.

Layered Haircuts

Julianne Hough:

It is an edgy bob. To achieve this look use a flat iron to make the wavy curls all around your head


Jada Pinkett Smith:

These are the tousled wavy messy look which can be achieved very easily at home.


Taraji P. Henson:

A Blow-dried bob with a side shave? How is that combination looking to you? Because it looks amazing and cute at the same time.

Layered Haircuts

Lauren Conrad:

Use a straightening iron with soft waves to achieve this look.

Layered Haircuts

Logan Browning:

Curls that hit perfectly at shoulder length? This is the hairstyle Logan Browning is carrying. A few layers at the end so that it doesn’t look too heavy.

Layered Haircuts

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