Myths About Natural Black Hair! That Will Make You Say OMG

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There are myths about Natural Black Hair running for years and never gonna change. All you can do is to believe in those myths or either read about it and have extra knowledge about your hair. Haircare is one of the most important things especially for Natural Black Hair so it is better to know your hair type, know which product suits your hair the best, and know which hairstyle suits your hair the best. Once you get to know about your hair it won’t be hard for you to manage your healthy Natural Black Hair. To find out either those myths are true or not, keep on scrolling!

Natural Hair Isn’t Versatile:

Natural Black Hair

That is so NOT true! Natural hair can be styled in each and every hair-do. If you think that you can only do afro with natural black hair, then my friend! you are missing out on so many hairstyles. You can do twists, Braids, Buns, Curls, Locs, Cornrows, Afro puffs, straightening, or name any hairstyle. Natural hair supports each and every hairstyle.

If you wanna add extra volume or strength to your hair, Just add some hair extensions. If you want to change the color, Just add any color. Also, hair color options are very vast on natural hair. If you think your hair is getting weak, then take a break from all the chemical reactions i.e hair dying, etc.

Natural Hair Doesn’t Grow:

Natural Black Hair

Natural hair grows as much as it is defined. It is not like it doesn’t grow or it is hard to grow. Yes probably if you are using too much chemical on your hair especially a hair relaxer then it may result in slow-growing because these chemicals don’t support hair growth. If you want to grow your hair fast, click for the tips!

On average hair grows 1/2 inch per month including every hair type, if your hair growth is slower than this. It is due to chemical abuse or lack of proper hair care, Dryness in your hair, Not having proper moisturizing, or maybe due to too much use of heating styling tools on your hair. Thus if you want to grow your hair fast then you have to take proper care of your hair.

Natural Hair Needs Grease:

Natural Black Hair

Natural hair doesn’t need grease. All hair type needs a proper moisturizing to Hair, just as our body or our skin needs hydration through moisturizing, Just as is our hair also need moisturizing and proper care. As a brown person, I know we keep the kind of grease or oil in our Bathroom so that we can use it more often on our hair but it is not necessary to grease your hair to keep them healthy. Instead Greasing your hair can also result in attracting dirt or clogging of pores. And we all know clogging in pores will result in having pimples and skin irritations.

I recommend you to use Jojoba oil, coconut oil, Almond oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Lavander Oil, Mustard Oil ad Rosemary Oil.

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Natural Hair Is Strong:

Natural Black Hair

Natural hair looks strong and that is a good thing that they look strong, but they need as much care as every hair type does. Use a wide hair comb (Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Comb) to brush your hair to avoid hair fall and breakage.

Use protective hairstyling as in which you don’t have to use so many heating styling tools. We probably recommend you to wash and go hairstyle, like just air-dry them with the use of the right hair products that suit your hair. Use Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother, it strengthens, hydrates moisturizes, and speeds up blow-dry times while smoothing. Also, eliminate frizz and flyaways.

Natural Hair Is Hard to Manage:

Natural hair is hard to manage if you are expecting the same result as straight hair does. Because styling straight hair is easier than other textures thus it may result differently. But it is not that hard when once you start to get to know your hair, the righteous product to use ion your hair.

Spend time on your hair and get to know the type, use more products on your hair to know which product suits your hair the best. Also, practice different styles on your hair to know. Once you get to know about your hair, it will not be very hard for you to manage.

Natural Hair Needs Protective Styles:

Natural Black Hair

Protective styles a good for natural hair but not for too long, because if you keep any protective hairstyle for too long it will result in too much breakage and losing hair health. This myth is running for years and it is totally not true that you need a protective hairstyle for natural hair. Even if you love a protective style, keep them for a short period of time to avoid breakage.

If your hair is in protective styles for more than 4 to 6 weeks then your scalp will be in need of proper cleansing and hydration. Because oils will make a layer on your scalp and any other thing that you will apply on your scalp will not into the pores because they are clogged.

Natural Hair is Expensive to Maintain:

Here hair care routine inspired by many influencers is way too expensive and let me tell you you don’t need a shelf full of products to maintain your hair care routine. Either you can find one perfect hair product that suits your hair and then get stick with that one product.

I know making a budget out for hair care is not so easy for many people thus finding that one product and using it over and over again to get high-end results is way better than using 10 products at the same time. Thus if you are using the minimum best product you can save your money up for your hair care. it is like skipping a coffee a week and saving that money for your hair care. Keep good care of your hair to make them feel healthy. Hair is important and so are you.

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