Complete Guide To Nose Piercing or Nostril Piercing, Pain And Healing Time And Everything You Need To Know!

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Do you know which piercing is the most stylish, chic, and Bold according to fashion lovers? A Nose Piercing ( Nostril Piercing ). There are so many ways a nose can be pierced but before deciding to get your nose pierced, always know the risk level, pros and cons, and safety standards for piercing. Always choose an experienced piercer so that you won’t regret it afterward. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about nose piercing.


The nose piercing is a kind of trend coming from 4000-5000 years before, it was popular in middle-eastern women. It is also recorded that Piercing the nostril is also mentioned in The Bible.

The Bible in Genesis 24:22 Abraham requested his oldest servant to find a wife for his son Isaac, the servant found Rebekah, and one of the gifts he gave her was a “golden earring” the original Hebrew word used was Shanf, which also translates as “nose-ring” (Morrison).

Some tribes associate the Nose ring with “making childbirth easy or connection with the moon life ( menstruation). Most of people associate the nose ring with beauty and fashion. Some tribes associate the Nose ring as a sign of wealth and status. Nose rings are made part of Women’s Fashion in the 19th century and 20th centuries. Even in those times, people used to double pierce their noses. we will discuss all the possibilities of Nose piercing don below.

What is a Nostril Piercing?

Nostril Piercing is the most common type of nose piercing done on the soft side of the nostril, It is the least painful Nose piercing. You can have it on different locations on the nostril to make the piercing look better, good, worst, or bad. So make sure that you choose an experienced piercer and he/she should mark a dot on your nostril to know about the placement before making a hole in your nose. If you want double nostril piercing then mark double dot to make sure the placements.

Types of Nose Piercing:

Nose Piercing

  1. Erl/Bridge nose piercing: If it is around the edge of the nose (where nose starts below forehead), we call it Erl or Bridge nose piercing. It is usually below the Third-eye piercing.
  2. Septum Piercing: If it is on the center of the nose, skin that separates your two nostrils then it is called septum piercing.
  3. Nostril Piercing: If the piercing is on the soft side of the nostril, we call it Nostril Piercing.
  4. Third eye: A Vertical double piercing between your eyes like “:” It is the edge of the nose (where nose starts below forehead).
  5. Nasallang: It is a horizontal double piercing on both upper sides of your nostrils or nose.
  6. Septril: It is the tip of your septum. 
  7. Rhino: It is called Rhino because it is at the tip of your nose (where the rhino got the horn), slightly above the septril.
  8. High nostril: It is a single piercing on your upper nostril, closer to the bridge and higher than Nostril Piercing.
  9. Austin – It is around the Rhino Piercing, double horizontal piercing on your lower nostril, closer to the tip.

Pain and Healing Time:

Getting a nose piercing doesn’t cause pain at the time of piercing. it is actually the healing time that can make you feel irritated if you do not follow aftercare properly. Healing time is very less like around 3 months if taken care of it properly afterward or maybe 6months with infection (if you get any). In the winter’s time period there is a high level of risk for infection. Most people get runny noses and use napkins/Handkerchiefs more often on the pierced area, which can cause irritation and infection due to bacteria present in that area.

Cost of Nostril Piercings:

Do not go after any cheap piercing studio because everyone wants to have a hygienic procedure of getting their piercing done. Only hygienic procedures and good aftercare can save you from getting an infection in the piercing area. It can cost you around 30$ to 55$ depending upon the studio that you chose. Also, there’s the cost of the jewelry that is a bit high, piercing itself is not much expensive.


Very easy and simple aftercare essential is to clean your piercing with saline solution. Clean the pierced area twice a day. Clean it with the help of cutip (from inside as well as outside of the nose). If you do not have a saline solution then make some at home by mixing 1/4th tbsp of sea salt into a cup of water. Mostly aftercare guidelines are provided by the piercer himself. Also, Stop extra touching and playing with your piercing unlessit is healed completely.

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Side Effects of Piercing: 

There’s a possibility of some side effects if not taken care of the piercing properly. Some people do not go through any of the side effects after the piercing but some people go through scabs, infections, allergies, Pain, Keloids, and irritations. That is why we always need to be prepared for the best and worst parts of every situation.


A scab is dry rough skin or crust that appears on or around the piercing. If any scab appears on the piercing, the best way is to not scratch, scrub or pick it. If it leaves a smelly green or yellow residue, seek medical help and apply professional suggested ointments.

Infection and allergic reactions:

Though some allergy or infection is very common if it is not causing any serious damage. If there is much redness, itchiness, irritation around the area of piercing it definitely means that you are getting any infection or allergy. The worst it can cause fever chills and pain. Infections can occur due to bacteria present in the piercing area. Thus cleanliness is very important to keep yourself away from allergies and infection.


Sometimes you will feel pain during getting a piercing which is very common. Usually, pain depends upon the body part you’re having pierced, different body parts have different levels of pain. Get advice from the piercer beforehand to minimize the risk for high-level pain intensity.


Keloids are kind of raised scars around the piercing area. It may be permanent and big enough thus properly lookout for the aftercare of piercing. It can be pink, red, brown, or purple like bruises. Always seek medical help if any kind of keloids starts to appear.

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Most Common Types Of Nose Rings:

A stud or nose ring is the most common way of styling a nose piercing. While nose rings are most loved by fashion lovers. It totally depends on your choice whether to choose a nose ring or a nose stud for your piercing. There are so many cool trendy cute ear piercing jewels you may want to purchase when you see them. some of the Nose ring styles and where you can buy them is mentioned below.

Corkscrew / Twist / Nostril Screw:

Buy Here: Kridzisw Nose Rings Studs for Women 18 Gauge Surgical Stainless Steel Screw Twist Spiral Silver Nose Nostril Ring Stud Body Piercing Jewelry for Women Men Girl CZ Inlaid Diamond Opal 2MM

L-Shaped / L-Post:

Nose Piercing

Buy Here: 5pc Clear Nose Studs L-Shaped Ring Retainer 20g Bioplast Nostril Bend Flexible Bioflex Plastic Invisible For School X-Ray Work 

Buy Here:20 Gauge 1/4″ at Bend 14k Rose Gold 1.5mm Diamond (0.015 cttw) L-Shaped Nose Ring


Nose Piercing

Buy Here: BodyJ4You 3PC Labret Stud Tragus Earring Set 16G Surgical Steel CZ Crystal Helix Monroe Cartilage

Buy Here :  KaseStyle G23 Titanium Labret Studs 16G Lip Studs Earring Piercing Internally Threaded CZ Top Labret Monroe Helix Cartilage Tragus Piercing Studs-8mm 2 Pairs Gold Triple&Round CZ

Nose Bone / Stud:

Quite similar to labert but have the ball ( round shape on both ends).

Nose Piercing

Buy Here: Ruifan 16PCS 20G Surgical Steel 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm Top Flat & Ball & Clear Round & Jeweled Clear CZ Nose Stud Ring Bone Pin Piercing Jewelry – Gold


Buy Here: Ruifan 8PCS 20G Crystal Ferido & Shiny Ball Tiny Nose Septum Horseshoe Earring Eyebrow Lip Helix Tragus Cartilage Piercing Ring 8mm

Pin / Fishtail / Bend-To-Fit:

Nose Piercing

Buy Here:  Forbidden Body Jewelry .925 Sterling Silver Custom Bendable Clear 2mm CZ Fishtail.

 Beaded Hoop / Captive Hoop / Bar Closure:

Nose Piercing

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Unbeaded Hoop / Seamless Hoop:

Nose Piercing

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Fake Hoop:

Buy Here: D.Bella Fake Nose Ring, 20G Faux Piercing Jewelry 8mm Fake Nose Ring Hoop for Faux Lip Septum Nose Ring Set

Septum Clicker:

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That’s all.

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