Ways to Remove Facial Hair for Smooth Skin. [2022]

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Following are the best ways to Remove Facial Hair for Smooth Skin.

Do you want to get rid of facial hair? Why not! All Humans have facial hair, Some men shave them off, some keeps the facial hair and style in so many ways. On the other hand, some women prefer to keep their facial hair, and some women don’t. It is totally a personal choice and both choices are equally fine. There’s nothing about you and your face to be ashamed of, not even facial hair. Yes, You heard me right, Every other human has facial hair even celebrities too.

Well if you don’t like the peach fuzz on your face, Remove them like de-fuzz your face. There are so many ways for removing facial hair from your face. Just make sure that the one way you are choosing your facial hair to be removed should be the one which:

  • Choose a method that doesn’t hurt your skin
  • Doesn’t grow more facial hair in results.
  • Never leave your skin rashy and infectious
  • Seek medical advice if your skin is sensitive
  • Seek medical advice if you have so many concerns about removing your facial hair with soft shiny skin in results.

We are going to discuss all the techniques, DIY tips, Information, and methods that experts use and never disappoint. Keep Reading to find out all possible ways to Remove Facial Hair for Smooth Skin and to find out all the Dos and Don’ts of following those ways.

Remove Facial Hair

Try Tweezing:

Tweezer is a handy way to remove facial hair. You can keep a tweezer in your bag and can even use it anywhere you want. The easiest, go-to, cheapest, and handy method to remove facial hair. It is used on any facial hair, most people use it for eyebrows hair and Chin’s hair.

By tweezing the hair you are plucking the hair out which means that the hair that is been taken out is coming outside with its roots. Whenever hair comes out with its roots, it will take more time to grow back. The result of tweezing your facial hair will last up to a month or two (depending upon your hair growth).

Clean your face before starting the tweezing process, Soften your skin with a bit of a moisturizer and pluck the hair out while holding your skin in a slightly stretchy way. Pull out the hair in the direction where your hair is growing. Usually tweezing is not painful, but if you feel any discomfort or redness, apply an ice cube on the irritated part.

Always remember to use an alcoholic wipe on the tweezer to clean it out. Disinfect all the germs out before and after every use.

Hair Removal Methods

Use Depilatories or Depilator Creams:

Using Hair removal cream for gentle and soothing touch of skin in the result without any pain and irritations is one of the easiest processes for facial/body hair removal. It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete the process. Make sure you use a product that does not contain any harsh chemicals because you are going to use the product on your facial skin, this is the important factor to keep in mind. We recommend you to use Nads Facial Hair removal cream, as it is formulated with extra moisture and leaves your skin to soothe and soften. Nad’s Facial hair removal cream takes up to 4 minutes to remove hair.

Depilatory cream results will last longer than shaving, maybe up to 3 weeks depending upon your hair growth. If you are using the depilatory cream first time in your life, we recommend you apply it on a patch of your skin first, see the results and wait for 24 Hrs. Then apply on full face, just to make sure that depilatory cream either suits your skin or not.

Remove Facial Hair

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Smooth Your Skin With Dermaplaning:

Derma-planing is a kind of shaving, shaving the Extra facial hair and peach-fuzz out. Drermaplaining also removes the upper layer of your skin with peach fuzz. The results will last almost two weeks depending upon your hair growth.

Clean out your face, Use any hydrating serum or facial oil to moisturize the skin. Never use a derma-plainer on dry skin. Strech or hold your skin and use a derma-plainer scraper on your skin by tilting it. You can use your derma-planing tool 2-3 times but remember to disinfect it with an alcoholic wipe.

Instead of just shaving extra hair, This process results in so many other benefits for your skin as well. It reduces your fine lines and wrinkles, Reduces your skin aging spots and acne scars. This process leaves your skin shiny, soft, clear, and luminous. Derma-plaining exfoliates your skin as well. If you get used to this process, you can use it once a week. This process is very easy and go-to.

Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal Methods

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Remove Unwanted Hair With Waxing with Wax-Strips:

You can go to a salon or visit any professional for this process, Also you can purchase a wax-strips kit and do it yourself at home. This is a nice easy fast option to remove facial hair BUT we do not recommend it for those people who have sensitive skin. It’s not very soothing for your skin but it is totally up to you whatever you choose for your skin.

It may leave redness on your skin because of all the pulling effects. Use a facial oil to soothe your skin right after using wax strips

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You can Do it yourself at home or either go visit a salon for sugaring process on your face. The sugar wax is made from sugar, lemon, and water. As it is made with natural ingredients, it leaves a nice effect on your body. sugar wax results can last up to 4-8 weeks depending on your hair growth. It takes out the hair from the roots thus it takes a longer time to grow back.

To Learn: What is Sugaring Wax, A Homemade Sugar Waxing Recipe. Click here!

“Sugar waxing is often confused with body sugaring, but there are a few differences. While body sugaring has gained popularity in salons, it is not as great for DIY waxing because it’s harder and messier to apply.”

Waxing is not painful if done properly but can cause irritation at times. Try waxing on a small patch on your face to find out whether it suits your skin or not. Then start to wax the whole face. It can cause redness and acne, thus if it doesn’t suit your skin choose any other method of removing facial hair.

Remove Facial Hair

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Threading is being used for hair removal from ancient times. It may hurt at times but the thing we love about this process is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is not an expensive process. Usually, this process is used for eyebrow and upper lips hair removal but there’s no harm in using the thread all over your face. If your skin is too sensitive for Wax strips, Sugar wax, Dermaplaining, shaving, or Depilatory cream then Threading is the best option for every skin type.

Hair Removal Methods

Try Using Coil Hair Removers:

It is like tweezing hair out but a lot faster and you do not have to grab each hair individually like a tweezer.

Remove Facial Hair

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Laser Hair Removal:

The laser hair removal method is considered safe for facial hair removal and body hair removal. It will make your hair thinner and vanishes eventually with time. The laser uses the medium to high heat radiations to damage the hair follicle  This is not permanent hair removal, also it doesn’t need any healing or recovery time.

People find laser hair removal techniques the best ones so far because they lighten hair growth. If you have fair skin and dark hair then probably this is the best choice for you.

Hair Removal Methods

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Electrolysis Session:

Electrolysis is done by using an electric current with a sharp electrode. This procedure is only done by dermatologists, thus if you want to opt for this method o hair removal, you need to book an electrolysis session. Though permanent hair removal can be achieved after some sessions.

Electrolysis can be used for facial hair as well as body hair (including eyebrows area).

Remove Facial Hair

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should your hair be before trying hair removal?

If you’re choosing Wax for the hair removal option, then your hair must be 1/4 inch long.

If you’re choosing another method of removing hair, Length doesn’t matter.

How often should you remove hair?

You should remove your hair every third day with Shaving, every week with demaplaining, tweezing, and threading, and Every month (4-6 weeks) with waxing.

Can I use laser hair removal if I have dark skin?

Yes, Any skin color or type can use it. Seek out for any professional to get Laser and electrolysis hair removal methods.

If you got any questions, Feel free to ask in the comment section. Thank you, that’s all related to hair removal methods and techniques.

These were the best ways to Remove Facial Hair for Smooth Skin.

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