What is Septum Piercings ? All you need to know about Septum Piercings. Time to heal or Pain levels etc.

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If it wasn’t painful, it wouldn’t be cool. right? I say screw the pain and bring out the jewelry. If you wanna look more creative, You’re more into fashion, Not afraid to wear jewelry, Got free-thinking in fashion, then for sure you want to get Septum Piercings done once in your lifetime. It is not necessary that Septum Piercing is only made for Men or Women or Trans. Its made for everyone who is into fashion and loves to wear jewelry.

What is Septum Piercings?

  1. It’s a physical act of piercing.
  2. Its art of decoration.
  3. It is the experience.

So Septum (partition separating two chambers) goes into the inner part of the face, right in between the nostrils. It goes into the softer part of the nose so that the septum is right above the softer part of the tissue. Commonly that space is also known as “Sweet Spot”.

Septum Piercing

Obeautify Fast Facts: SEPTUM PIERCING PLACEMENT: The septum is the layer of partition that goes right between the nostrils PRICING: $40-$100 PAIN LEVEL: Different pain levels for different people. Some experience 7/10 and some experience 9/10. HEALING TIME: Four to six months depending upon the body (Try not to get any type of piercing in monsoon season, because then it can take up to Nine to Ten Months to heal) AFTERCARE: Soak with saline solution two times per day ( before going to bed and after waking up ) and avoid unnecessary touching even while washing face be very gentle. Keep soap and skincare products away especially from the piercing area.

How to do Septum Piercing?

Septum Piercings

  1. Lay ask been down.
  2. Clean the septum (Usually with an ear-bud)
  3. Draw a line on the outer part of Septum.
  4. Take a deep breath, slow and steady out of your mouth while the piercing is going to be done at that moment.
  5. Hold receiving tube at one hand and a Needle on other hand. Slowly pierce through the septum sweet spot.
  6. It is recommended to get a septum piercing by a professional and Not at home.

Pain, Healing Time and Maintenance:


Some experience 5/10, some experience 7/10, and some experience 9/10 depending on the body. It can definitely cause you to tear up or maybe not. But 7/10 is most common in people.

Healing Time:

Four to six months depending upon the body. Try not to get any type of piercing in monsoon season, because then it can take up to Nine to Ten Months to heal. The last you touch it, the last you play with it the fast It will heal.


Flipping it up inside the nose is totally okay and harmless. That is the best and beautiful part of septum piercing that you can hide whenever you want. Flipping it up inside lasts the best but do not do it 100 times a day

Cost of Septum Piercing:

It depends on where you are going to get septum piercing done or the state you’re going to get it. You can pay around $40 to $100 depending on the area.

Septum Piercing Facts:


Located on your node, Not on your nostrils. Right in the center part area. It does not go through the hard part, it goes into the softer part called the sweet spot.


Septum Piercings jewelry

There’s a whole lot of option you can use as jewelry. You can use Gold or Titanium for high quality and that is how you won’t be needing to change the jewel more often because gold and titanium don’t get stained in a longer time period.

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Things to be careful for:

Touching it, Playing with it, Messing around the septum. Don’t pick your nose ever with a septum piercing because it will hurt. If you’re going to go inside water like for swimming in ocean, pools, streams, river, lake, etc just be careful in first few weeks but least take a shower properly.

Healing time:

Generally, it takes 4-6 months but it can be really faster or real slow according to the care you’re taking of it. Try not to get any type of piercing in monsoon season, because then it can take up to Nine to Ten Months to heal. The last you touch it, the last you play with it the fast It will heal.


Use saline solution two times a day. No Alcohol, No Face washes, No chemicals, No Oils, No Serums. In some cases, you can out a very small amount of Lube onto an Ear-cotton-bud and move back and forth because if it gets really dry then your skin will kind of hurt. There’s no need of switching skin-care routines once the Piercing is healed.

Pros And Cons of Septum Piercing:



Very Easily hidden by flipping it inside the nose. Be prepare for people’s weird comments like you look like a bull or a cow just because a ring is hanging down to your nose. Either flip it inside or be ready for the weird comments.
No Visible scar Tissue. Blowing your nose can be very difficult.
Virtually Painless (Only if it is done correctly & depends on the person’s pain tolerance) If it is pierced wrong, It can be very painful and the healing process will be very long.
Most Deviated Septum can be pierced. It can be difficult to change the jewelry because of the placement of the piercing.

Side Effects of Piercing:

Infection and irritation:

If it is not done properly or Not in the right season, it could take time in healing thus in that healing process it might get infections, Swelling, pimples, Pus, and Pain. Your Nose may be running the starting time of septum piercing. Once your piercing is healed up you will be able to blow your nose.

Hard to pierce:

Sometimes it is hard to pierce in that area as it is inside of the nose and you can’t really see it. It can go wrong which will be very very painful sometimes.

Healing Process Sucks:

At the time of healing, you may get infections and a runny nose which will cause irritation, thus be patient because once it will get healed you will feel normal again.

Septum Piercing Smells:

Yes, It does smell because first of all it is right in between your nose and it smells even more than usual piercing. Secondly, even if you clean it properly, there’s a chance that residue may remain left behind and it smells.

Non-Professional :

It may be considered as non-professional in some working places thus before getting yourself septum piercing, know your working environment and dress code. As septum piercing is not considered a normal piercing when it comes to a professional working place.

What Jewelry Material Is Used for Septum Piercing?

  1. Gold.
  2. Stainless steel.
  3. Titanium.
  4. Niobium.

That’s all.

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