Short Haircuts You Won’t Need to Style or Call Them Low Maintenance Short Haircuts!

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Why would anyone want to put so much time into styling haircuts unless you’re a fan of fancy hairstyles or High-maintenance when it comes to hair?

Well some of us want to style a haircut that takes lesser time to no time at all. All the hairstyles that we are going to discuss here take just a finger run in the hair or 5 minutes of styling.

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts!

The best way of getting a Low-maintenance haircut is to have a simple haircut. A similar haircut whether it is with long hair or short hair, is easy and manageable to style in lesser time.

Rocking Tapered Cut With a ’90s Flair

short haircut

How beautifully the cuts are being shaped onto the head. This is the beauty of low-maintenance short haircuts. The only haircut or hair design is enough to go, No styling is required for such a hairstyle. Just wake up & make up, then good to start the day.

Casual Tousled Style

short haircut

What an elegant style! To achieve the style, all you need to do is to wash your hair and towel dry them.

Do you think that styling would be needed if you get this hairstyle?

If you got straight hair then after washing your hair scrunch them with your hands to give it a natural wavy look.

Short Textured Style

short haircut

I guess the simple short hairstyle would be a great fit for every personality.

A random blow dry or a straightener to your front hair would be enough to achieve this style

Asymmetrical Bob

short haircut

The haircut speaks for itself. Whether you got straight hair or curly or waves, it is always a good-to-go haircut.

It is like wakeup and makeup, no time for hair styling is required.

People with busy schedules or low maintenance hair-do would be happier than ever with this haircut.

Classic Crewcut

short haircut

This is a bold haircut for chic bold women. with this haircut you can choose any hair color that you like, a blonde looks so perfect and in style forever always.

Literally, zero hair styling would be required. After washing your hair or taking bath, just finger-comb your hair & let it dry in the air. You don’t even need a blowout for this.

Classic Buzz

short hairstyles

Try doing a hair color to give it a chic look. It is probably the best easiest style ever.

Faux Hawk:

short hairstyle

The hairstyle says long in the mid and shorter on the sides with a glimpse of rose gold.

If you don’t want to do a rose gold color then you can do any color that you prefer.

Short Sides and a Longer Top:

short hairstyleshort hairstyle

It does resemble a faux hawk hair cut. this hairstyle is low maintenance so you will only be styling the mid part of the hair.

The hair which is longer in length will be needing styling.

It will save 70% of your time if you style a full head of hair.

Great Texture and a Little Wave:

Low Maintenance Short haircuts

A little wave is never a bad idea for going anywhere and it is low maintenance yet looks beautifully charming hair cut.

Add rough waves to the haircut and you’re good to go.

Classic Crop:

Low Maintenance Short haircuts

A simple classic cop hairstyle is so much in fashion.

All you need to do is to find a good hair salon so that your hair won’t get chopped off badly.

Choose a good hairstylist and go for this haircut. This haircut requires very love maintenance for a daily routine.

Tapered Cut With a ’90s Flair:

Short haircuts

Celebrities can rock any haircut easily and in a very chic way, and so can anyone.

All this haircut needs to do is find a good hairstylist around you.

This hairstyle needs to be maintained weekly or twice a month.

When the hair grows out naturally, you need to get them trimmed as soon as they are getting long enough.

If you got natural hair then using a serum or hair gel after a wash is all you need.

Conditioner is a must whenever you wash your hair.

Casual Tousled Style:

Low Maintenance Short haircuts

Whenever you wake up or go outside, this hairstyle will not be needing much styling.

It is the best Low-maintenance short hairstyle anyone can carry.

After washing your hair just a glimpse of hair gel and a quick run of your own fingers are all that’s needed to be done to achieve this hairstyle.

If you want a voluminous look then you can either use a voluminous cream or spray on towel-dried hair.

Also when you go to the stylist to achieve this hairstyle or haircut, ask him/her if you want a voluminous look so that the stylist can soften the edges of the hair and give a more layer cut on the crown of the head.

Short Textured Style:

Low Maintenance Short haircuts

A perfect-looking haircut with almost zero or you can say no styling. It’s a wake-up and makeup and ready-to-go outside kind of hairstyle. Anyone can easily achieve this hairstyle.

If you think that this hairstyle is not enough for your personality then try this with funky hair color on the top. Add some beautiful-looking jewels to complete the look as you like.

Still, if you want to style them or you want to stay away from the frizz, then add some pomade or hair spray to keep them still for straight 8-10 hours.

All you will be needing to style this haircut is 15-20 seconds ad voilaaaa you’re done.

Classic Taper:

Low Maintenance Short haircuts
Low Maintenance Short haircuts

This haircut is simple and elegant to style anywhere looking flawlessly beautiful.

The hair on the top is almost 2.5 to 3 inches long and on the sides, the hair is clipped behind the ear.

If you want to achieve this hairstyle then use a hair foam and style them by running your fingers in the hair.

This hairstyle can be worn either swept back or swept aside.

Short Bob:

Low Maintenance Short haircuts
Low Maintenance Short haircuts

A short bob can be styled in so many ways.

some of the ways you can style a short bob is braiding, a cute ponytail, open straight, or light waves also you can use a curler or roller for a voluminous look.

If you got natural straight or wavy hair then it’s the very good part, all you will be needing to style this haircut is a simple texturizing hairspray.

Spray your hair after towel drying them and let it dry in the air or give a quick blowout.

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