Pretty Trending Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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Shoulder-length hairstyles look great in every age with any hairstyle with any face shape. It is so in trend and looks really cool. The length of hair from below the chin to somewhat below the shoulder (not too much below). It is so easy to maintain low Maintainance and still be looking cool even when you just woke up.

Trending Shoulder-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50:

Now the question is that how are you going to find the haircut that you like, looks perfect on you, suits your hair texture and your expectations with your own hair. The perfect trending shoulder-length hair cuts including straight haircut, layers, bob, shaggy, lob, wavy beachy hair, bangs, etc are shown in this article. there are plenty of shoulder-length hair cuts, also if you want to check some cool short hairstyles just click.

The Classic Lob:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

If you are not feeling the chin-length bob, why not go for equally stunning Bob’s cousin which is basically a long bob. I prefer a sleek bob to younger women and a textured lob to mature women. However, A delicately textured lob looks great not only on women of every age, you don’t have to worry about this hairstyle.

You will be needing a round brush for the blowout with this look, or either you can blow-dry in the front and let the back dry naturally for a very natural look.

Sandra Oh’s Curly Curtain Bangs:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

You can not just think that bangs only associated with just straight or wavy hair. Here Sandra oh is carrying bangs in curly hair and looking so perfect Thus Bangs is associated with every hair type and hairstyle as long as you know how to carry them.

The Wavy Lob: [ Shoulder-Length Hairstyles ]

Wavy Beachy lob looks so natural and gives a perfect volume to your hair, if you got thin hair you must try a Wavy Beachy Blow-Dry with a lob hair cut. If you for straight to wavy hair naturally you will just need a hair cut, you wake up and you are good to go to your work with your natural hair.

Meryl Streep’s Tapered Volume:

Meryl Streep’s all Hair cuts are so great for mature women. It looks so elegant and easy to maintain every day. This hairstyle is voluminous on the upper side and thin at the ends, You can ask your hairstylist to use a thinning scissor to give this look.

Parted Fringe:

hairstyles over 50

Parted fringe basically bangs which are parted. It looks great on long, medium, or even on short hair, but with medium-length hair, it will look greatest. Super cropped, chopped fringes are a big thing in 2020 and 2021. Viola Davis looking great with her layered parted fringe with a bob.

The Rounded Cut:

hairstyles over 50

Angela Bassett is looking so cool in her layers set very gracefully on one side. To achieve this much volume, you can use a voluminous spray and give a curly-wavy blowdry in your towel-dried damp hair. Use hairspray afterward so that hairstyle lasts for a long time.

70s-Inspired Shag:

The 70’s haircuts are more of like face-framing things with layers. This shaggy hair cut can be achieved by having so many choppy layers which frame the face as well. This hairstyle is so much in trends and red carpets that it does not seems to be gone for a long time period. This trend will stay for a long time.

The Side-Parted Lob:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

It is a sleek shiny straight lob, you can use a straightener to straighten the ends and serum to give a shiny look. Side parted look give your face a very chic look with a lob.

Wispy Layers:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

As I always say that “Never ever be afraid of layers” Layers are your ultimate friend who makes you look beautiful anytime every time anywhere. Here Michelle Pfeiffer got long hair with a very cool volume, you can achieve this look with a proper haircut or hair styling Products (hairspray, shiny spray, voluminous spray, heat protection tool, etc) & tools (straightening iron, curling iron). Achieving the volume naturally in hair is a bit hard in long hair unless you use some voluminous spray so the shorter length you may have the more volume you will achieve naturally+with products.

The Natural Lob:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

Oprah Winfrey is embracing her natural hair gracefully. When you don’t use styling tools, Heat, or chemicals on your hair, it is so evident that your hair gets healthier than before. Thus you just need to know your hair type and you can style them naturally without hurting your hair or without spending lots of money on styling tools, styling products, and salons.

Side-Swept Coils:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

It is a vet low maintenance hairstyle where your length is so perfect if you want your hair to be simple but beautiful. You can have this side sweep with a finger comb as well like this style is so effortless.

The Gradual Lob:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

Gradual Lob is a hairstyle where your length is shorter at the back and longer in the front which gives the appearance of longer hair from the front.

The Face-Framing Pony:

hairstyles over 50

A ponytail with Face framing layers gives a very cute look and less time to style. Here Halle Berry is showing her beautiful layers (piece y fringe) with a chic layered high ponytail.

The Lightly Layered Cut:

Shoulder-length hairstyles

Some Layers in the front look great with medium-length hair which is apparently not so much thick not so much thin. Just make sure your layers are not so much on the backside of your head.

The Effortless Half-Up Half-Down:

Short hairstyles

Half tied hair on the upside and half on the downside is very simple if you are going to carry it at home or wither you can carry it outside by styling the same hair with an iron to give some waves. It is going to keep your hair off your face and looks chic when combed and done nicely. All you want is a hairbrush (tail comb), a hair tie, some bobby pins (if you have layers.

Gabrielle Union’s Over-Directed Side Part:

hairstyles over 50

This Over-Directed side part will make you feel transformed even without visiting a hairstylist.


Short hairstyles

A Classic Blow-Dry will never be out of fashion. Here Lynn Whitfield’s hairstyle can be achieved through blow dry with a round brush.

Visit: How to Blow-Dry like a Pro? to learn a perfect Blow dry.

Lucy Liu’s Sleek Side Part: [ Shoulder Length haircut ]

short hairstyles over 50

Lucy Liu’s shoulder-length style is flipped slightly inwards at the end. You may need regular trimming to achieve this sleek shiny look and to maintain the ends.

The Perfect Center Part: [ Shoulder Length Haircut ]

Shoulder-length hairstyles

To achieve this look use a voluminous spray and frizz-free spray before styling , and hair spray after styling so that your hair will stay for a longer time period.

The Low Side Pony: [ Shoulder-length hairstyles ]

hairstyles over 50

Super low maintenance hairstyle, Voluminized lower side ponytail. use voluminous spray and make a ponytail, that is all. Take out some hair in the front for face-framing if you want to.

These are some pretty shoulder-length hairstyle ideas. Click on Short hairstyles or Hair Styling Products to learn more.

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