Simple Nail Designs that look so trendy and cool.

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If you are looking for simple nail designs that you can carry in your daily routine, You are at the right place. Go on scroll down to find the best Nail Designs that look so trendy and cool. All the nail designs that are shown below are so easy to make on your own even if you are a beginner in doing your nails that doesn’t matter because you will be needing some tools to create nail designs and those tools make it so much easier to complete the nail design look. To buy all the tools that you will be needing to make nail designs with ease, use the following link.

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20 Simple Nail Designs that look so trendy and cool:

Solar Eclipse Nails:

nail design

nails designs

As the name says, in solar eclipse sun covers the moon. But in nail art, you cover a nail color with another nail color. You can make this design by Applying a coat of color as a base color and then by using nail polish wraps (apply the wrap on the base color and apply another color on the top) to achieve the required design.

Starry Details:

Nail design

nail design

First, apply a base color, then after putting starts stickers over the nail, Apply another color over the sticker. When it gets dry. Remove the star stickers very gently.

Gold Accents:

nail design

nails design

Gold accent is like strip tape which you can apply on nails in any desirable design. Thus either put the gold tape in lines or a triangle or either make any design using the tape.

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Foil Flecks:

nail design

You can either use glitter nail polish or by using Nail design tools you can put a chunky design of any nail color you want. Buy Glossy Shine Silver Glitter chunky nail polish here!

Glitter Stripes:

nail design

You can make any design you want from these these sparkly nail tapes are quite suitable for any kind of nail art even a manicure or a pedicure. You can find these nail design glittery stripes in any color. The tape is adhesive. Just cut the length and apply where it is desired.

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Edgy Swoops:

nail design

If you want something edgier, just curve the line. You can also curve the line by using Nail Art Brushes or Pen Set 

Cool Blue:

nail designs

A simple Blue Mettalic Nail color is so in trend like the galaxies or space in your nails.

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Overlapping Circles:

nail design

nail design

It’s like a circle on a circle kind of nail paint design. First, you put a base color on the nail, Then apply a circle on it. When the circle is dried out, Put another circle overlapping the first circle. If you desire only two circles, stop right here because your design is complete or either Keep on doing it till the desirable design. You can make the circle with the help of a dotting tool as well.

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nail design

nail designs

This turtle shell nail art design is popular these days. If you like the manicure style this pattern is a very cool manicure. To add more to your look, match your sun shades with your cool turtle shell nail design.

Yayoi kusama Style:

nail designs

nail design

So Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist who loves this dotted style in anything. Thus this dotted nail paint reminds us of our most favorite Yayoi Kusama. You can play with colors in this style you have got so many options like black and white or rainbow dots, bee style to Minnie mouse and much more.

You can either make the dot with a toothpick (like dip a toothpick in the color and place it on your nail where you want to create a dot) or use a nail designing tool, whichever you think is the easiest for you.

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Half and Half:

nail designs

nail design

super easy Nail design you can create with simple things probably you have in your home right now. You can use any color you want. Do the base color and then paste a simple tape over it after the base color gets fully dried. you can put the tape over horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, then do another color (top coat) and remove the tape after it gets fully dried.

Why not paint halfway through and have some fun with your nail paint rather than a regular nail paint. Use Simple Scotch Tape or use a Nail Striping Tape Line if you want to add more colors. Play with colors and have fun.

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Tiny French Tips:

nails design

A classic french tip that looks so fresh simple and beautiful. The easiest way or the hack to create it is given below, please watch the video for better understanding.

Abstract Shapes:

Create a cool abstract design with the help of an abstract sheet for nail designs art, Nail tape, Scotch tape, or nail art tools, and then protect the design with a top transparent coat. The abstract sheet is not very expensive, I recommend using Abstract Image Nail Art Paper for a perfect design.

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Confetti Dots:

nail designs

It’s so fun to create a colorful party of dots on either one nail or on 10 fingertips. How cute is this nail design for everyday use. Use a toothpick to create dots or either use Nail design tools. Don’t forget to lock the nail design with transparent nail paint.

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Superhero Stripes:

nail designs

Use Multicolor Mixed Colors Rolls Striping Tape Line for nail design. Making 2 or more than 2 stripes with regular tape is not easy thus I recommend using nail design striping tape for making superheroes striped nails.

Sparkly nail design:

Nail design

Get all sparkly feel by applying Glittery nail paint. so easy and so trendy.

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nail design

Ombre nail design takes a little more time to get done. You have to apply a base coat and then add other colors and blend with a sponge by dabbing and then apply a top coat before letting the nail paint dry for a smooth look. It will blend in and give an ombre touch. If you don’t like to spend this much time on nails you can use Cool Nail Pink Nude White Ombre French Ballerina Coffin False Nails nails as well.

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Leopard Print:

nail design

You don’t have to be worried if you make a mess during making this nail design because the messier it is good it is going to look. Use Nail foil stickers to create the look, either it’s on one nail, all 10 nails, or leopard manicure, you can create all looks with this sheet.

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Holographic Nail:

nail design

Apply Holographic nail powder and smush it to create the look.

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Holographic Glitters:

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