Skin care routine to look younger and get better skin & an easy Morning skin care routine you can follow.

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If you are not taking care of your skin or doesn’t have a skincare routine then this is your time to start taking care of your skin and let it feel younger by building a very easy skin care routine, Invest in your skin, Consume Healthy food, Use SPF every time you are going outside directly in the sun and much more. Get better skin by just having an easy skin care routine and keeping some things in mind that are explained in the blog.

Things to look younger or to get better skin: Best Skincare Routine

Starting today to look younger or to get better skin by having a perfect skincare routine. We all want to get better skin but how do you do that?

Start Taking a collagen Supplement:

You can buy collagen supplements at stores all across the country. Collagen makes up the building block for skin and as we get older the collagen in our skin gets thinner. If you replenish the collagen in your body that will result in to have better skin over time.

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Skin care routine

Intermittent fasting:

Eating during a smaller window of time than normally you do. The easiest way to Intermittent fasting is that to eat in an 8-hour window during the day. It helps increasing stem cells by creating stress to the body and that actually helps with Skin looking nicer, also rejuvenating your whole body, and help with being healthier longer.

skin care routine

Using a retinol cream:

Pick one anti-aging cream to use. The vast majority of plastic surgeons and dermatologists would say pick a retinol cream. It helps to exfoliate your skin. It helps to thicken the collagen in your skin. It helps to reduce pigmentation.

Meditate or Chill out:

All of us have some kind of stress and no enough sleep results in mature skin. You don’t have to do a lot more preparation to add meditation to your routine. All you have to do is sit, take your phone, set your stopwatch for like 10 minutes, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Just focus on your breaths at that time and calm yourself. Do you know stress can make your skin more sensitive and looks mature so when you feel stressed, go get a massage, meditate yourself or get some calm sleep?

Dermaplan your skin:

What is dermaplaning? An only a certified dermatologist can do this process of removing the top layer of skin to make your skin’s surface look smooth. It helps in removing fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring. Exfoliate the skin and remove the layer of that fuzzy hair at home by using dermaplan tools at home.

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skin care routine

Use UV Blocking SunScreen:

Make sure that while going outside you always have to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from Ultraviolet rays (UVA+UVB). Look for a sunscreen with zinc, titanium, avobenzone, or ecamsule. You will always be needing SPF sun protection factor like ALWAYS!

Quit Smoking:

Smoking can prematurely age your skin leading to becoming saggy or baggy because smoking damages the collagen in your skin. The more you Puff, the more your skin gets rough!

Diet/Fight free radicals :

Take multivitamins every day and start eating fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to reducing skin elasticity. Eat the rainbow, by rainbow we mean to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, they are great for the skin. Anti-oxidants are present inside them. Anti-oxidants are often the actual pigments that make up the color of that fruit or vegetable so the wider the range of color you eat the wider the ray of pigments and wider anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are so important because they fight free radicals, free radicals are one of the things that prematurely age us, and the process called oxidation well that’s what free radicles participate in oxidation so by eating the rainbow of fruits and vegetables neutralize those free radicles to slow down the aging process.

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Eat Good Fats:

It doesn’t mean to eat all types of fat. Some fats are bad but some fats are actually good. The good ones to consider omega3 fatty acids, Monounsaturated fatty acids. Avoid the bad fats.

skin care routine

Cleanse and Moisturize:

Use a good facial moisturizer and exfoliate with a good cleanser. Look for a moisturizer with retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Alpha Hydroxy acids, and antioxidants.

The Perfect Morning Skin Care Routine: [ Best Skincare Routine ]

A very simple and very effective morning skincare routine. This is everything you need to do in the morning.

Step 1: Cleanse:

Not all cleaners are made equal, Do not ever use Common bar soap on your face because it is very drying. If you have got oily skin then you would be wanting to control that oil, Use a foamy cleanser.

For Oily skin: CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is a makeup remover and a daily face wash.

If you have got sensitive skin or dry skin then you would be wanting to use more hydrating cleansers or a more moisturizing type of cleanser. Use Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter Facial Wash for Dry or Sensitive Skin.

Step 2: Tone your skin:

Alcohol-based toners are not good because they remove all the oils and bacteria but the oils are removed in access so when your skin notices that there’s no oil and it reacts like producing more oils so even though you think that removing oil is good it turns out to be opposite of that. So Avoid Alcohol-based toners.

Toners help in restoring the PH of the skin and so it’s not so bad to use a toner but Use the right type of toner. It would re-establish the PH of your skin.

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Step 3: Apply an Anti-Oxidant-Vitamin C/E Combo:

Anti-Oxidant will secure your skin and fight against free radicals.  Free radicles are the molecules that damage your skin. Get a vitamin C that is in the container that doesn’t allow light in because then you know that it’s not going to be oxidized and still be effective.

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Step 4: Apply an eye cream

Use an eye cream that contains a tiny amount of retinol, it helps in moisturizing your skin. Retinol is added to creams to apply to your facial skin. It boosts the amount of collagen your body makes and plumps out skin.

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Use: La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes Retinol Eye Cream, Click to buy!

Step 5: Apply a sunscreen SPD>30

It protects the skin 90% from the sun’s rays. Make sure that while going outside you always have to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from Ultraviolet rays (UVA+UVB). Look for a sunscreen with zinc, titanium, avobenzone, or ecamsule. You will always be needing an SPF sun protection factor.

When you use SPF with zinc or titanium, It leaves a kind of whitish hue on your skin so if you’re on the beach it’s okay to put some whitish hue but if you’re using it daily while going office, or anywhere else its probably feel funny and weird. Thus Find Sunscreen with avobenzone, or ecamsule, It blends in with your skin and doesn’t leave a whitish hue on your skin.

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Things you should never put on your face skin: [ Best Skincare Routine ]


Lemons are great for eating or drinking but lemons have nothing to do on skin or your face. It has citric acid so if you remember the chemistry lessons you would remember PH levels or PH scale. Your skin PH level is 4 – 4.5  but Lemon PH level is almost 2 which is very low. You are actually harming your skin by putting on the Lemon directly to your face.

You can get burns, Hyperpigmentation on your face. If you ask the dermatologist about acids, they will recommend it using them in solutions, serums, creams, and not just pure acid. Eat lemons, Drink lemons but not Put lemons on your face.


Vaseline is a covering agent and is very fatty so when you put vaseline on your skin you are covering the bacteria and germs under the vaseline, they grow underneath that will result in more pimples. Skin causes redness too.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda NaCo3 is harming your skin. It increases your skin’s PH level which makes the skin getting imbalanced.


Do not put it on the pimples. Toothpaste is calcium carbonite and it will irritate your skin and causes imbalance and itchiness.

That’s all.

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