What Is a Brazilian Wax? Everything you need to know about Brazilian wax!

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Do you want to know, What is a Brazilian Wax? A style of removing ladies’ pubic hair in which either everything is off like all the hair is removed up till the but hole or a small line of hair left in the middle. It is way better than shaving.

What Is a Brazilian Wax?

What Is a Brazilian Wax

Knowing the difference between soft and hard wax:

Try to go and book your wax appointment in the salon where they use hard wax for less pain. There are actually 3 types of wax out there:


Hard wax is basically a formula a little bit thicker, so when you apply it you rip it off just like that after a couple of seconds. You don’t need a strip to remove it. If you have sensitive skin you may want to get hard wax. It is a bit more expensive


Soft wax is kind of hot and is very thin consistency when you lay it down but you need a strip to rip it off. With soft wax you can’t go onto the area more than once, you definitely will feel a lot of irritation especially in your lady business private parts.


Sugar wax is also thin in layer and you have to get a strip to remove it.

Hygiene tips you need to know to be prepared for a Brazilian wax or Post-wax care:

The most important thing that you want to do before switching to Brazilian wax is STOP SHAVING, you don’t want those razor burns, you don’t want those ingrown thick hair. Let your hair grow and stop doing the shave.

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While choosing a salon for having waxing treatment, just make sure that they have a clean and sanitized environment. Also, they hire only certified estheticians who have experience of doing this work.

  • Planning on switching to waxing from shaving? Wait full 8 weeks so that the full hair growth cycle is already set then rip it out, you are good to go, or either wait 2-3 weeks for the hair growth before waxing, I know it is going to be hard especially after shaving. the length of hair should be long enough around ½ to ¼ inch so that it can grip the wax and comes out with the root, if the length of hair is short it is just going to break.
  • Exfoliating: exfoliation is a must! Sometimes new hair grows underneath the dead cells. Do you know how we exfoliate our faces? So, we get rid of dead skin cells. Well, we also do that for your lady business private parts. We also exfoliate arms, underarms, whole body basically parts where you want to wax or shave. If you do not exfoliate a day before waxing, it’s going to hurt. you can exfoliate through loofah or sugar scrub, you can do that 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Moisturize: it’s important to bring back life to the skin through moisturizing.
  • Periods: Don’t go for a wax in a salon if you’re on your periods, especially if you’re preparing yourself first time for a Brazilian wax. It will hurt so bad because the skin is so sensitive while periods. Still, if it is so important to wax during your periods, take an ibuprofen pain killer before going to the wax salon.
  • Clean yourself: Be courageous to the person who is doing your wax, wipe out your sweat up till your butt crack, because you don’t want to let everyone smell your vagina fumes. Just clean yourself up with a wet wipe.
  • Gets better: it will hurt but it does get better, you will notice the difference in your hair, your hair is going to be a lot thinner with wax.
  • Be Patient: don’t be shy, take it off, get on the bed, and get waxed!

Wax Tools:

  1. Wax pot/Wax Heater/Wax warmer.
  2. Pre-wax spray or rose water wipe.
  3. After wax spray or any soothing oil or moisturizer.
  4. Wax sticks.
  5. Cotton ball to apply the spray.
  6. Powder (if you sweat a lot).

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Prepping your skin to wax:

Exfoliate your skin a days before the wax so that you get all the dry dead skin off, pores ready for the hair to come out.

Spray pre-wax spray on a cotton ball and clean your skin, there might be dirt, oil, or sweat there. put a little bit of powder on the area after cleaning it.

How to do WAX:

  1. You have to apply wax in the direction of your hair grows. If your hair grows down then apply wax downwards and if your hair grows upwards then apply the wax upwards.
  2. You will know when your wax is ready after some seconds it won’t be tacky anymore. Do not let it dry too much that it starts cracking up.
  3. Hold your breath while removing it off. Exhale when you pull the wax off from the skin.
  4. After this just hold your skin and apply pressure because that is going to help a lot.
  5. For the cleanup, you are going to apply wax in the opposite direction.

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DIY Brazilian waxing techniques + Tips:

  • Do small section/Strip. Don’t go for a long strip especially if you’re doing wax by yourself because it is going to be hard.
  • Use a small mirror to see your labia. It will be easy for you to see where you are applying wax and all.
  • Preferably lay on the floor for a Brazilian wax in a position of crab and put a mirror in Infront of you so you can see your private parts clearly.
  • Hold your skin to tighten up the part where you are going to do wax.
  • Apply after wax spray oil or moisturizer after a wax.
  • Exfoliate after 2 days of wax.

How Long Does a Brazilian Wax Last and how to make your waxing treatment last longer?

Usually, your wax will last between three to four weeks if you are regularly using wax and not shaving in between. Everyone’s rate of regrowth is different, so results may vary depending upon the individual hair re-growth. The most important thing to do to extend the time of waxing treatments is to get yourself into a regular waxing. With regular waxing, you will have less hair over time.

Hair growth also has cycles mentioned below:

1- Anagen (growth phase)
2- Catagen (transitional phase)
3- Telogen (resting phase)

Hair growth is minimal during the first week or two and noticeably increases in the third and fourth week.

Things you should never ever do after a wax:

Taking a dip:

Definitely avoid using pubic swimming pools for a few days. Your skin can be more prone to bacteria and infections for a couple of days.

Chilling in the sun:

Your skin becomes super sensitive at the moment and sensitive skin is more suspectable to harm Ultraviolet rays (UV). You may get a bad sunburn while chilling in sun after the wax. Ultraviolet rays can give pigmentation and can burn your skin so better to stay inside (not in sunlight). it is important to use an SPF lotion after waxing.

Using products with fragrances and chemical:

This includes perfumes, Lotion, and shower gels that contain fragrances or artificial colors. These ingredients are a major NO-NO for your freshly waxed skin to avoid skin irritation.

Pulling on those skinny jeans:

We all know we should wear airy clothes after our appointment but actually, we should avoid tight clothes for the next 2 days. Let your skin breathe and avoid tight clothes and materials that will rub sensitive spots and cause redness and rashes.

Going for a Zumba class:

You have got a perfect excuse to skip your workout without feeling guilty. Intense workouts are a really bad idea after you wax as they can cause friction on waxed areas and sweating can lead to irritation.

Exfoliate your skin:

We know, you never thought you would hear us say not to exfoliate but we mean just for a couple of days after your wax. Waxing is a kind of exfoliation process itself since it removes the topmost layer of dead skin with your hair making it more sensitive to damage with any kind of scrubbing.

Skincare products to use post-waxing:

  1. Aloe-vera gel: reduces redness and small bumps from your skin.
  2. Chlorophyll gel: it is the most effective gel to reduce redness and give a skin-soothing effect. It also tightens up the pores of the skin. If you get acne after getting waxed, this chlorophyll gel also helps in reducing the acne issues.
  3. Chilled water or ice: your skin pores become open while removing hair or with the heat of wax you can say, they will be shrunk with the cooling of ice. If your pores get shrunk there will be lesser chances of bacteria entering.
  4. Coconut oil and tea tree oil: reduces redness and gives a soothing effect to the skin. It also reduces the burn marks from waxing.
  5. Chilled rose water: instantly put chilled water on your skin if your king gets burns from wax. It also helps calm the skin.
  6. Glycerin: it moisturizes the skin.

That’s all.

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